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Ellevate Network

This week -- women and business in the news.

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Nana Dooreck
Featured on Huffington Post

What's the secret to staying in the technology loop at 78 years old? Making it a goal to continue learning. Here’s what we can all benefit from this approach and never stop learning (at any age).

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Manon DeFelice

​If you are a business leader, you might be weighing the pros and cons of hiring flexible workers. One of the biggest new trends in the global workplace today, recruiting flex workers is quickly movin

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Paula Bowie

On the Monday after Thanksgiving I was waiting for the results from a precautionary CT Scan due to a concussion. Two hours later I left in a daze with not one but two traumatic brain injuries.

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Vicki Haverson
Featured on Huffington Post

We all see the world through the lens of our strengths. It informs what is important to us, the relationships we have with other people, what we value in our life and what we expect.

Sanya Rizvi
Featured on Huffington Post

In a recent survey of 1,000 affluent women across the country, nearly all (98 percent) say they are confident in their ability to reach their financial goals. In fact, more than half (60 percent) said

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Ellevate Network

This week -- women and business in the news.

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Pooja Kothari
Featured on Huffington Post

We have all had that "oops!" moment where we said something unintentionally offensive. Here are 6 tips you can follow to guide you the next time it happens.

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Abby Yetter

Millennials are the largest portion of the workforce, and companies still have trouble with enticing them to be employees. Here are the five most powerful ways to attract Millennials to your company.

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Connie Wedel
Featured on Huffington Post

Credibility is the precursor of influence and trust. These are the four things women must do to increase their credibility.

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Caroline Ceniza-Levine
Featured on Huffington Post

In general, it is a terrible idea to accept an offer and continue to interview. That said, there are legitimate reasons why you still might interview even after accepting another job.

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Thais Moretz

This article shows how one single move can bring innumerous life benefits. It brings inspiration for those who need change.