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Maggie Germano
Featured on Huffington Post

It’s an unfortunate (and false) belief that if you’re going to spend less and save money, that you won’t be able to have a social life. Find out 8 ways to have fun while on a budget!

Carl reflections
Elisa Grandizio

We’ve all experienced the ecstasy of thinking we're on the path to success, only to hit an unexpected roadblock. What can you do when you hit a wall and find yourself alone, staring into the darkness?

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Sarah Clark
Featured on Huffington Post

Being a business leader and a mom is definitely a precarious juggling act, but it’s one that any woman can master with the right approach.

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Sarah Abualia

In a tough global economy and with the decentralization of many industries, people are choosing entrepreneurship as a career path.

Jane  betsy and sister
Jane Stein

A case study of how one family is using a franchise model to leave a legacy of financial stability for their daughter to provide for herself after they're gone.

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Ellevate Network

Ellevate Keys to Success: ​8 Sources for Becoming a Networking Pro

Girl coding Women in Business News Ellevate logo round
Ellevate Network

This week -- women and business in the news.

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Allison Matejczyk
Featured on Huffington Post

The benefits of going to that mingle or meet-up outside of your company walls extend far beyond landing a new job.

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Angela Hosking
Featured on Huffington Post

As women, we have the opportunity to elevate the topic of gender workplace bias to a level of comfortability to make real social change. This article highlights talking points for discussion.

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Ellevate Network

“When you make a transition in life, the first thing you have to do is feel great about yourself.” - Karen Davis-Farage

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Jennine Leale
Featured on Huffington Post

As a Human Resources Consultant 75% of my clients are small businesses. I typically come in just past their initial start-up phase when they have at least 15-25 employees, sometimes less sometimes mor

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New York

Girl Boss Boot Camp is our new series of interactive professional development workshops that give you life hacks to put into action tomorrow and skills-building that will make you shine at work.