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How Mindful Eating Can Change Your Relationship With Food

Have you tried everything you can think of to say goodbye to cravings with no luck whatsoever? With mindful eating, you don’t need to spend so much energy on crushing your cravings completely.

What 80 Innovation Leaders Say About the Power of Storytelling

Featured on Forbes

Storytelling is not as mystical as it seems. Read four key takeaways from my interviews with 80+ innovation leaders about the critical role storytelling plays in the innovation process.

How Innovation Starts with an Honest and Open Dialogue with Yourself

Featured on Forbes

With Industry 4.0 happening, each of us is required to reinvent faster and more frequently than ever before. Certain skills are being augmented whereas other skills are being replaced by machines.

Why Professional Women Are Breaking Up With Fast Fashion

Featured on Forbes

The dirty cycle of overproduction and consumption has named fashion the second-largest polluting industry in the world. So when did professional women start questioning their purchasing decisions?

You Are Your Own “Strong Friend.” So, How’s It Going?

Featured on Medium

Maybe the possibilities you imagined in January look different now. But you still deserve the space to imagine and to strive toward what most excites you. You can still finish strong.

The Art of Gratitude: More Than Just a Journal

Featured on Medium

When we practice the art of gratitude, it goes beyond a journal and can impact our whole lives.

​Imposter Syndrome - At the Best of Times - Was Still the Worst

Featured on Medium

“Normal” wasn’t working. That’s what I’ve been hearing over and over again the longer we’re in this pandemic. “Normal” wasn’t working. “Normal” wasn’t good enough.

How to Stop Feeling Like You've Lost Yourself

Featured on Medium

A devastating night in my hotel room reconfirmed how disconnected I was from me. Learning to reconnect to me has brought forth radical transformation.

Is Your Mentor "The One?"

Featured on Medium

For minorities, many mentoring relationships miss the mark. Finding the right mentor who "gets it" is essential to unlocking the power and benefits of mentoring.

Yes, You Have a Brand - Even If You Don’t Know It, Like It, Or Wish It Were Otherwise

If you’re making a big career move – a promotion, a change in role or industry – you will need to rebrand. That's what this Big Pharma VP did to land a C-level role at a biotech start-up.

Holiday Thoughts Stressing You Out?

We deal with this every year. But given we're contending with all that 2020 has to offer, so it's understandable if you're under more stress than usual.

Six Proven Steps for Small Businesses to Stand Out on Social Media

Featured on Forbes

Social media is powerful for business promotion, but it's very competitive. Learn six actionable steps business owners can take to stand out and be seen by their dream customers.