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Ellevate Network

“As difficult as circumstances may seem, remember that there were others before you who went through the very same.” ― Tiffany Pham

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Shannon Huffman Polson
Featured on Huffington Post

One phone call can turn your world upside down. Taking care of people takes care of the mission.

Alida Zweidler-McKay
Featured on Huffington Post

Can bowling together lead to collaboration? Play and human connection is instrumental in our work lives.

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Ryan Pack
Featured on Huffington Post

Power pay negotiations aren't for the faint of heart. Whether you’re facing an upcoming annual performance review or hoping to land that next dream role these tactics will help you command power pay

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Ellevate Network

This week -- women and business in the news.

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There are women’s conferences in plenty of places, yes we know that. But we take our values very seriously at Ellevate Network, and we truly believe in taking action.

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Success often comes down to who you know. We're committed helping you grow your network - and it's about time we made it a bit easier.

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Dara Treseder
Featured on Huffington Post

As women of color, we must come together to fight the workplace gender bias of the “young boys’ club” known as Silicon Valley and advance our careers in tech.

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Anna Maria Pellizzari, M.Ed., CPCC
Featured on Huffington Post

Are you using unpleasant emotions to your advantage? Learn how to turn them into creative fuel.

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Felena Hanson
Featured on Huffington Post

Felena Hanson, founder of Hera Hub: workspace for women, discusses the reason women start their own business and identifies the indicators you might be ready to launch.

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Ellevate Network

“Hiring and promoting talented women is the right thing to do for society and it’s an economic imperative.” — Carlos Ghosn

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Caroline Dowd-Higgins

New research shows that professionals value flexibility and remote work, which drives employer engagement and productivity.