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Building the Foundation for Financial Security and Independence

Featured on Forbes

As women do not possess equal financial power, we cannot recoup as easily from unforeseen negative events.

How to Safely Reopen Offices: Physical and Behavioral Changes are Key

Featured on Forbes

As states and cities lift COVID-19 restrictions, how can companies safely reopen offices? From physical changes to shifts in employee behavior, there are many challenges to consider.

The Post-Pandemic Paradigm: Gearing Up for the New Normal 2.0

Featured on Forbes

In order to adapt to the new reality, people need to find alternative ways of moving forward. This requires a paradigm shift in what is considered the “normal” way of doing things.

In Search of You, Chief Empathy Officer

Featured on Medium

The need for empathy as a driving force to build inclusive organizations is critical. Enter, Chief Empathy Officer.

Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose at Work in a Global Pandemic

Featured on Medium

Knowing how your individual role is part of the company mission can enhance your feelings of connectedness and purpose at work - even if you are working from home during a global pandemic.

How to Lead When You Don’t Feel Leader-ly

Featured on Medium

During uncertain and difficult times (can you say pandemic?) it can be difficult to feel like a leader. Here are a few steps you can take when you aren't feeling so leader-ly.

Managing Internal Distractions: A Skeptic's Conversion to Mindfulness

Featured on Medium

When we think of the work distractions we deal with, we often overlook those in our minds. But learning to manage our mind-wandering can have powerful benefits, not only for work, but for all of life.

How to Digitally Transform Your Company Successfully

Featured on Forbes

The urgency of digital transformation is hitting home like never before in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. What are key strategies to ensure successful adoption of technology within your company?

Company Spotlight

M.M.LaFleur: A Mobilize Women Week Supporting Sponsor

M.M.LaFleur is built on a core belief: When women succeed at work, the world becomes a better place.

How to Thrive as Partners in Business and Life

Featured on Forbes

You've fused your business and relationship. While this has its perks, it definitely comes with challenges. Stay successful in empire-building with these simple, easy-to-use hacks.

Want to Be a Manager? Ask Yourself This One Question First

Featured on Forbes

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: A great technical employee does not a great leader or manager make.

Career and Purpose: Are They One and the Same?

Featured on Medium

Do you feel confused as to how career and purpose intersect? Maybe it's time to take a new perspective and see how one is an expression of the other.