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Company Spotlight

Mastercard Tech Hub: An Ellevate Corporate Champion

Ellevate Network recognizes Mastercard’s NYC Tech Hub as an Ellevate Corporate Champion.

Mindful Shopping: Get What You Really Want

Whether it’s the holidays or just everyday life, we can all become victims of the shopping bug.

Six Reasons Why Selfish is the New Black

Featured on Medium

Women today feel exhausted, overwhelmed, behind in life, and stressed to the max. Why? Because they aren't practicing true self care.

How Lawyers Can Utilize the Art and Science of Persuasion

Clients today don’t just ask lawyers, “What should I do?” They also ask, “Why should I do it?” This is where persuasion comes into play.

A Strong CMO/CIO Partnership Is Key To Organizational Success

Featured on Forbes

Technology is forcing companies to evolve faster than ever. The most critical component of transformation success is a strong CMO/CIO partnership.

Closing The Generational Gaps In Financial Literacy

Featured on Forbes

No longer reserved for the wolves of Wall Street, financial education is becoming more mainstream. Yet, generational gaps in financial literacy remain.

Your Career Doesn’t Have To Be — And Shouldn’t Be — All On You

Featured on Forbes

Danger lies in the dysfunctional belief that it’s all on you and you alone. Here are a couple of reasons why flying solo can’t take you where you want to go next in your career.

If the Peloton Woman Had a Diary

You’ve seen the ad, right? Yes, that ad. The one in which a husband gave a wife a Peloton for Christmas, taped herself on her year-long Peloton journey...

Meaningful Giving: How to Make the Most of Your Charitable Donations

Featured on Forbes

The act of giving is a primary focus during the holiday season for many.

Three Easy Résumé Fixes to Help You Make a Career Change

Featured on Medium

Your résumé points employers to your past -- a field that you no longer want. To get called in for the jobs you do want, make these three easy adjustments.

Pace Yourself This Holiday Season: Five Tips for Going the Distance

Featured on Medium

I’m here to remind you to pace yourself. Here are five tips to help you go the holiday distance.

Three Tips to Help You Be Intentional With Your Money

Featured on Medium

Move beyond overwhelm with your finances and start managing them with intention.

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