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Concerns Based Adoption Modeling:  White Paper on a Change Theory

A publication for the Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN), an organization for research and implementation of change management in Higher Education.

Beyond Hustle Culture: Cultivating the Cool Confidence of High-Performing Women

How emotionally intelligent women stay laser-focused, command respect with unflappable grace and reach their biggest goals without burnout or exhaustion.

Keep, Stop, Start Your Way to Clarity, Purpose, and Wellness in 2024

See this year through a new lens and embrace the process of transition and change to live the life you want to lead.

Being a Safe Place to Land: How to Support New Employees Recovering from a Toxic Workplace

If you supervise a talented new hire who's struggling to hit the ground running due to previous workplace experiences, how do you support them to reset and succeed in their role?

Changing Jobs? Negotiate The Best Possible Compensation Package

If you’re in the midst of a job or career change, it’s important to know which types of compensation and benefits are negotiable so that you can maximize your compensation package.

How to Use Your Existing Equity Grants To Maximize the Value of Your New Compensation Package

Once you have received a job offer, that’s when the real negotiations begin. Requesting a higher salary and sign-on bonus is the easy part of the process. Figuring out how to secure the most beneficia

Rethink Hiring Practices to Welcome Neurodivergent Talent

Diverse perspectives make for engaging conversations that can lead to progressive change and innovation.

Perform Your Due Diligence Before Accepting a New Role

It’s your interview too and you must perform your due diligence to determine if the role, your prospective boss, and the company culture are a good fit, so you can do your best work.

The Great 4-Day Workweek Experiment

Workplace futurists are predicting trends that range from multi-generational behaviors, remote/hybrid roles, and the 4-day work week.

It's Not Just What You Say. It's How You Say It!

Some of the best communication goes completely unnoticed. It’s likely that the people you admire, those who speak flawlessly, have honed speaking, storytelling, and writing with practiced intention.

Create Your Own Table

What would you build if you gave yourself full permission? Who would you call upon to support you in seeing in through? Here's a story with some inspiration to move the ball forward.

I’m Not Your Type, Or Am I: Living With Type 1 Diabetes

When we do the work to truly understand one another - our compassion can expand and we can move from judgement to acceptance.