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This week -- women and business in the news. resizeimage %2812%29
Sallie Krawcheck

Given that it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I'm supposed to write about the “women I am grateful for.” For inspiration, I just need to look around our office

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“Luck and hard work have something to do with success, but it’s often the relationships you cultivate that can help you regroup.” — Sarah Jessica Parker

Jean kristensen   new york city spends  1 billion with mwbe firms
Jean Kristensen
Featured on Huffington Post

​It’s a good (and lucrative) time to be a minority-owned or women-owned business in New York City. There is a tremendous opportunity for MWBE firms looking to sell their services or goods to the City.

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Rachael Bosch
Featured on Huffington Post

Withholding goals and aspirations from our teams may seem like a safe choice. But sharing our stories and vision can transform your workplace relationships.

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Hannah Boundy

As more and more friends and acquaintances post "me to," now, more than ever, we need to encourage and empower our fellow ladies.

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Lesley J. Vos
Featured on Huffington Post

The issue of personal branding remains topical for female entrepreneurs today. What do you need to know about it if want to succeed? What steps to take? Here's the answer.

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Ada Barlatt
Featured on Huffington Post

One of the hardest aspects of starting a small business is pricing. This article discusses how to know if your pricing is working and what to do if you discover it’s not.

Jennefer Witter
Featured on Huffington Post

Tips on how entrepreneurs can take advantage of Small Business Saturday.

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Featured on Huffington Post

Internet technology company, AppNexus, is making a serious commitment to diversity and taking strides to create a truly inclusive environment for their employees and customers.

Sallie Krawcheck

I found myself searching for a synonym for the word “feminism.” Since I was in a Word document, I clicked on the handy-dandy Tools > Thesaurus in my toolbar. And the synonym that came up for it was…

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Emilie Aries
Featured on Huffington Post

Are you having a bad week, tough month, or stressful start to the year? Or are you languishing in a truly toxic workplace? If these symptoms are apparent where you work, it's time to take action.