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My Squads Experience: Jump into the Hot Seat

My Squads Experience: Jump into the Hot Seat

After five years of living in The Netherlands, I moved from moved to Washington, DC with my husband and two children. I came across Ellevate because I was looking to find a professional networking community that would not only understand the challenges I face as an entrepreneur, but also relate to the "juggling game" that comes with balancing family, motherhood, and career. I joined the Spring 2019 Squad program to get advice on amplifying my presence as an entrepreneur for my personal style business (The Daily Outfit). Here's an inside look at my personal Ellevate Squads experience. 

What has changed in your career since joining a Squad?
My focus for Spring 2019 has been on "qualifying" which is biz-speak for finding the people you were meant to help. 

In my Hot Seat, I asked my Squad to let me know if my website and social media presence is speaking to the women I particularly want to help: women who hate shopping, who have always found style confusing, entrepreneurs who need an authentic personal brand or women in STEM who love the practicality of a formula to make visibility easy. 

Our Squad Mod suggested I start adding other women to my Instagram feed to showcase what female leadership looks like. It's been a super-fun project and I love how it flips the focus back to the women I want to serve most.

What's the most memorable moment from your Squads experience?
My Hot Seat! One of our members didn't show up for hers, so I volunteered on the spot to go for it. I felt so safe and supported that I could just jump right in.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining a Squad?
The Squad experience works best if you are open to both giving and receiving, but it only works for everyone if you can make the time to show up for yourself and others.
Create the white space on your calendar and commit! Having access to other women who are in a similar position to you is invaluable, so go for it!

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