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The Squad Perspective: A Soloprenuer's Journey

The Squad Perspective: A Soloprenuer's Journey

My entire career has been in the fashion industry. I love what i do; it has always been my passion to dress women in "confidence" and empower them in their lives. Helping them to look great in timeless and current trends, with high quality fabrics and workmanship, is one of the reasons I love my work. As a bonus, this approach creates a very sustainable way to dress and construct your wardrobe because the pieces stand the test of time. This perspective and passion inspired my new concept, TuxCouture, which I tested in the Fall 2017 before launching my website the following Spring. 

My journey as a solopreneur has been challenging, confusing, and often a lonely one. When a good friend recommended Ellevate, I jumped right in and was especially excited about Ellevate Squads. Just to have a place where women support other women is incredible. I decided to share a little more about my Squads experience with the Ellevate team. 

What did you hope to gain from your Ellevate Squads experience? 
As of Spring 2019, I just finished participating in my fourth Squad; each group of women has been so supportive and giving. The suggestions from my Hot Seat sessions have helped me construct my website and have also helped me revamp my website design. Previously, I did a number of trunk shows around the country and learned to take client feedback and apply it to my next release. Squads have filled the feedback space for me; it's akin to having a focus group assist me in marketing my new business.

What has changed in your career since joining a Squad? 
My career is my life, or my ikigai  (a Japanese concept that means "my reason for being"). Participating in Squads has helped me become more open and less shy, which is has a positive impact on me everyday. Connecting with women outside my industry has been so interesting and eye-opening; at the end of the day, we are all quite the same and the ability to have open discussions and feel supported is very empowering. It also feels great to be able to contribute and know you have helped to support someone as well. Interacting with women facing the same or similar challenges is invaluable and fresh perspectives are abundant.

What advice do you have for someone joining a Squad for the first time?
Squads are a safe and supportive space to share challenges, receive support, and give the same in return. I find that you get the most of it when you are dedicated to the time slot you sign up for and are consistent in attendance. Carve out some time before and after the squad session to prepare for the discussion and to jot down some thoughts afterward. Highlight actionable points and above all else, be authentic and jump in with both feet. 

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Tracy Keough Spatz

I think you gave even more than you received. I am grateful for your insight, feedback and encouragement. For me, Being the "Mod' was a privilege and a pleasure. Thank you xo

July 11, 2019

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