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Inspiration and Lessons from Mobilize Women 2019

Inspiration and Lessons from Mobilize Women 2019

*Click here to register your FREE access to Mobilize Women Week: A Virtual Experience, hosted by Ellevate Network, August 24 - 28, 2020.

Mobilize Women was a day of inspiration and action. A day in which we took the time to listen to each others’ full stories, to delve into the pressing issues of our world — from driving innovation, to environmental sustainability, to resilience and mental strength and how to advocate for each other.

From activists to CEOs, Award-Winning journalists and authors, athletes, artists and thought leaders, the people on stage and in the room were truly marvelous. We haven't had the chance to take it all in yet, but here are a few nuggets of inspiration for you to start your week:

"When one person stands up and says something, it can have a ripple effect. Be that person." -- Valerie Jarrett

"We're so used to waiting for other people to say that thing, to do that thing -- let's stop waiting and be the person to make it happen. It's a decision to speak the truth." -- Luvvie Ajayi

"Never compromise on your principles, because any opportunity that makes you do so isn't an opportunity at all." -- Shareen Luze

"Newsflash, you get what you negotiate not what you deserve." -- Sallie Krawcheck

"Ask yourself who's not at the table... and then make the table accessible." -- Emily Ladau

"My formula is to give value to me in order to have strength to help others." -- Ericka Kelly

"Disability is not the barrier. It's society that puts up barriers. And it's up to all of us to work together to remove those barriers." -- Haben Girma

"We have to change the system not just ask for more heroic leadership." -- Jay Coen Gilbert

And this is just the start.... keep an eye out in The Morning Boost for much more content and lessons learned from Mobilize Women 2019.