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Countdown to Mobilize Women, with Sallie Krawcheck

Countdown to Mobilize Women, with Sallie Krawcheck

Episode 160: Countdown to Mobilize Women, with Sallie Krawcheck

Our very own, Sallie Krawcheck, Chair of Ellevate Network, joins us this week as we kick off our countdown to Mobilize Women 2019. On this episode, Sallie shares her favorite Mobilize Women memories, the importance of attending women’s conferences for all women in the workplace, and her own takeaways from conferences over the years - whether it is networking, hearing diverse voices, or finding investors. She also focuses on the importance of including allies in the conversation, and how Mobilize Women is preparing all of us to take action and step up for what’s right. Join Sallie, Kristy, and the rest of team Ellevate at Mobilize Women on June 21st!

Episode Transcript

00:12 Kristy Wallace: Hello and welcome to the Ellevate podcast, this is your host Kristy Wallace with my co-host Maricella Herrera. Maricella we are gearing up for June 21st, the big day the Ellevate Mobilizing the Power of Women Summit. How are you feeling right now?

00:31 Maricella Herrera: I'm feeling great, actually, I'm feeling very, very, very excited, nervous because I always get really nervous about the summit. It's funny how the team, when I say something about the Summit, they're like, "You always worry, you always worry, but it comes out fine," but I'm excited, I'm really happy that everything is coming according to plan. I couldn't have hoped for better speakers than the ones we have lined up. One of whom you will hear from today.

01:00 KW: Yes, so if you are a long time listener to the Ellevate podcast, you may know that we have a summit every June in New York City, and we love to bring our speakers from the summit onto the podcast leading up to the big day and post the day to give them an opportunity to share more about their story, what's driving them, how they're mobilizing, and to really get that inspiration that we all love so much. In the past we've had Wade Davis, we've had Adrianne Haslet, we have had a host of other spectacular guests.

01:38 MH: Mike Steib, Whitney Bell, Chelsea VonChaz, I'm blanking, 'cause I know we've had a lot of them and it's so exciting.

01:48 KW: It is. And today, you'll be hearing from one of our favorite summit speakers of all time, Sallie Krawcheck. So Sallie joins us on the main stage every year, to share her wit, her energy, her inspiration, she's just such a powerhouse in the space, she's doing amazing work with Ellevate, Ellevest, all of the other activities and efforts that she's a part of, because she cares so much about seeing women succeed, seeing women get paid what they're worth, invest that money and have that long-term security and success that they so desperately deserve. And I'm honored and excited to have Sallie as our guest today on the Ellevate Podcast.

02:34 MH: Yeah, I'm excited. This kicks off... The whole month we'll be featuring our guest for the summit, so please tune in to the Podcast and if you're subscribed to The Morning Boost, our newsletter from Ellevate you will see that once a week, we're doing a take-over, on all summit related stuff, so you can catch up on lots of stuff from the past years, but also get some behind the scenes planning information that you wouldn't get anywhere else.

03:06 KW: Excellent, alright, let's get to it. Here's my conversation with Sallie, and we look forward to hearing from all of you about who you're excited to see on stage at the Ellevate Summit. Check it out at for a full speaker line up and sign up for the Morning Boost to get insider scoop and information on our June 21st event in New York City.


03:40 KW: I'm here with a special guest today that I'm very excited about, Sallie Krawcheck. Welcome back on the Ellevate Podcast.

03:48 Sallie Krawcheck: So happy to be back. My favorite podcast.

03:51 KW: I hope so.


03:53 KW: Because it's the best of course. But Sallie, I always love when you're on the podcast, one because I love to see you and you're amazing, but two, because you're so full of powerful insights and advice and we hear all the time from the women in the Ellevate community and beyond, the positive impact you've had on their lives.

04:13 SK: Thank you.

04:13 KW: So thank you for everything that you do.

04:15 SK: Thank you. Well, I'm spending my life trying to help women get ahead, reach their financial and economic goals. Or as I like to put it, just get more money because of all the positive things that happen when there's more money in the hands of women, the ripple effect is simply tremendous. And so I've said it before, I'll say it a thousand times, networking is the number one unwritten rule of success in business. The men figure it out sooner than the women do, there's new research since the last time we spoke, Kristy that shows that for men to get ahead, they have to have a diverse and strong network in which they're active, for women to get ahead we need to have a diverse and strong network in which we're active and we need to have a group of women who are in our corner, a tight knit group of women who we're giving advice to, sharing advice with, because some of the issues we face are just different than what's faced by the majority of the workforce, which, at certainly senior levels is still men.

05:16 KW: Yeah, absolutely. And we're talking today about the Ellevate Mobilize Women Summit, which is an excellent opportunity to just, what you've just mentioned, which is to get in the room with other change makers, to be a disruptor to be inspired, but to really help build that network because the Mobilize Women Summit is not just a time to learn, but it's a time to grow and to make those powerful connections.

05:45 SK: One of my favorite days of the year, maybe my birthday... No, my birthday is no longer my favorite day.


05:52 SK: My birthday is right way on down there, but one of the favorite days of the year but Kristy why don't you take us through what we mean by Mobilize Women and what the theme is.

06:00 KW: Absolutely. Mobilized Women is an event that Ellevate started in 2017. The conference this year is June 21st, 2019, in New York City. And we started it because we really wanted to have honest conversations about how we create change in this world, and the power that women have not just in being drivers of change, but also the need for us to change business and to change access to opportunity, so that women get in those positions of power where they can be those change-makers that we know we are. So for us at Ellevate Network, it's not about having an event where we're just restating what are the stats and what's going on, it's about, let's get women from politics, from science, academia, from business, from all walks of life in a room to talk about how we create change. And it's not just about the women, we've got some powerful men who care about this, who are allies that would all come together and we disrupt the conversation and we talk about what needs to happen, we talk about action, and it's mobilizing the hundreds of women in that room the thousands of women on live stream to take action every day to create change.

07:19 SK: Well, what I think is so meaningful about it is after so many years of the popular view being that we could do this each of us on our own. The very empowering sense of, you go girl, you got this girl. This is how to ask for the raise, this is how to get that board see, this is... These are the stilettos to wear in order to look so powerful and get ahead on your own, and it simply hasn't worked, it simply hasn't worked. And I don't need to go through all the stats, but you and I both know, as do so many of our listeners that the gender pay gap is still so far away from closing, and the gender board gap is so far away from closing, and the number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 is not just so far away from closing, is moving actively, has moved this year, actively in the wrong direction.

08:10 KW: Yeah.

08:10 SK: And so if we're going to be stark about it, what we've been doing so far hasn't worked, just hasn't worked and it's important to recognize that and then to find a different way and the core of the way I think telling my belief, but the research tells us is exactly by this coming together, that there is strength in numbers, that we have not fully tapped into. And there is a means to change the status quo in a way that is good for women and for all people. Because the work environment as it is today, and we've seen over the past couple of years, which can tend toward not healthy, in some cases, toxic masculinity is not great for women, but the other folks is not great for a man.

09:00 KW: True, absolutely. And I know I was reading the other day, a Harvard business study came out, that really talks about the power, not just of conferences like this, of creating change, but really the individual power for the women in the room. So during, in this research, they stated that women who had signed up for a conference, but had yet to attend, 18% of those women received a promotion during the time period in which the study was held, compared to 42% of women who had already attended a conference and received a promotion. So it's just showing that when you're in the room, we are creating connections, it's connections to opportunities, it's connections to support that help you ask for that promotion, that raise, that give you the knowledge, the insights to bring back to the workplace to really create change and to showcase your skills and expertise. I certainly have found that the mobilized women summit has changed my mind in so many powerful ways and helps to broaden my thinking and to drive greater innovation.

10:03 SK: Well, I'll take it a step further. First of all, it's certainly getting those skills, it's also what you learn, and I always talk about networking as being not just who you know, but it very quickly turns into therefore what you know, whether it's information about your industry or a job that's available or a board seat that's available. But I'll give you another one, Kristy, which is having raised outside funding for business, I went back through at one point for how many of my investors, I had met at a women's conference. And I don't know if the number was double digit, but it was pretty significant, that these were individuals I had met, that I wouldn't have come across typically. And that have been a real power of success for me.

10:49 KW: Yeah, I love that, it's so important that we talk about this. What were some of your favorite moments at the Ellevate Summit? I know this is... We're coming into our third year. And you've played such a huge role on stage and off stage and what are some of your biggest memories?

11:05 SK: Well, my favorite moment was having my daughter attend who is in college and of course because I just had to, I had to bring her on stage and make her sit there. [chuckle]]

11:15 KW: Of course. Yeah.

11:17 SK: But so powerful for her, to see the power of the connection. But it's also hard to forget. I'm interviewing Jessica Bennett who had the feminist fight club, and I think for me was the first, I am looking for the word but truly activated, pull no punch, let's go. This concept that we're all socialized into being so very lady-like all the time. For her it is just pow in your face feminism was a real eye-opener for me. And also being able to interview Kat Sandler who was so courageous in just quitting her job when she found out that a male colleague was making so much more than she did and providing an example again of a level of activism and driving for change. And this year, I already know what's gonna be my favorite moment, which is, I have the privilege of interviewing Valerie Jarrett on the stage who I've known for some number of years, both in the Obama administration, we're on a corporate board together now. She's just, just wow, just wow, just what an individual what a contribution she's made to our country. I'm just a big fan of hers as a person.

12:42 KW: And Sallie that feeling you have after speaking with these individuals is not contained just to you. We know 78% of women who attend conferences, such as this feel more optimistic about the future, and I think in part that's due to the disruptive conversations that happen on stage and the actionable takeaways that you start to feel, "Okay, we can do this. We band together like you said, strength in numbers. We're gonna band together and we're gonna create change." For me, and I've had my children in the room too and so, you and I are so similar in that respect, which is, I mean, exposing our kids to these types of environments is a big part of how we create change in the home, in society in the workplace and beyond. And I've just been wowed by our speakers in the past. I applaud the Ellevate team, for being very intentional about ensuring we have diverse voices on the stage, a representative of all people, it's not just kind of the standard, run of mill speakers or topics, they really wanna bring the conversation to the next level.

13:53 KW: I've had Charlotte Boroughs who's the Commissioner of the EEOC who... Just doing a lot around equal pay and advocating for employees and employee rights. We had Adrianne Haslet, who was one of the Boston Marathon bombing victims, and her strength and resilience is incredibly powerful. Amazon Eve, a transgender actress who many of our listeners may know from TV, just talked about what that transition was like being, feeling alone in the workplace and feeling alone when you don't have legislation and policies that support you. And across the board, we are just hearing stories that are profound and moving, and I think opening all of our eyes to what we can do to have more inclusive workplaces, to have more inclusive societies, and that all comes from understanding.

14:49 SK: Well, I think that's right. So a couple of thoughts, one of which, one of the things that I love that you do Kristy is bringing your son into this and exposing him to these strong women and these ideas at an early age. And I do think we have to bring our sons along, and a mistake I made early on was bringing my daughter along and not bringing my son into it as much and recognizing that it's as much an issue, an opportunity for him as it is for all of our daughters. And I agree, you do get a little bit of a conference hiatus after a while where you're hearing... You can hear the same types of ideas again and again. And what I love about the people that the team here is bringing together are these diverse perspectives and I think you and the team have really been leaders in this from the beginning of the conference.

15:43 SK: What the participants can expect are some really concrete actions that we can all take in order to make for a more inclusive and fair and positive workforce. And I know for so many women, and our allies I'll hear the, "But what can I do. If it's not me advocating just for myself, what's my recipe?" And so what you will take away from this is we've been putting a great deal of thought into what we can all advocate for, what makes a difference, what we should throw away what doesn't make a difference. And so this isn't just a name mobilize women. This is an action that we'll be taking which will, we believe drive us forward, all of us.

16:28 KW: Thank you for that Sallie. It always... It means a lot, and it's great to have your support and the support of everyone in the Ellevate community. If you wanna tap into this conversation, get inspired, make those connections that will help you move ahead help your business move ahead and to change the world, we hope that you'll all join us on June 21st in New York City for the Ellevate Mobilizing the Power of Women Summit. We're gonna be talking about so many important topics. We'll have keynotes, we'll have panels, we have tons of opportunity for networking, and it's gonna be a truly disruptive time. So we would love to see you. New York City, June 21st, go to to learn more.


17:14 MH: Thanks so much for listening to Ellevate, if you like what you hear, help a girl out, subscribe to the Ellevate Podcast on iTunes, give us five stars and share your review. Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter at EllevateNtwk, that's Ellevate Network and become a member. You can learn all about membership and all the great things that Ellevate Network is doing at our website,, that's And special thanks to our producer, Katharine Heller, she rocks, and to our voice-over artist, Rachel Griesinger, thanks so much, and join us next week.