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4 women lined up supporting each other

Be Like Brienne of Tarth

Be Like Brienne of Tarth

For so long, the reaction to women who were seen as looking for power or attention was contempt.

Last week, Gwendoline Christie, otherwise known as (Ser) Brienne of Tarth from “Game of Thrones,” nominated herself for an Emmy Award because HBO did not. Also because, as you know if you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan, she 100% deserved it.

Brienne of Tarth doesn’t wait for permission.


For so long, women were thought to be constitutionally unsuited for physically demanding sports, including soccer. Two weeks ago, the US Women’s Soccer Team won the World Cup in resounding fashion. And, when they scored goals or won, they didn’t attribute it to good luck or some fluke. They celebrated themselves and their achievements. Hard.

The US Women’s National Soccer Team is so good they can’t be ignored, and so boisterous about it, they really, really can’t be ignored.

There are other ways women are claiming their power that have snuck up on us:

For example, for so long, women could ask for the date on one day a year.

Truth. It was called Sadie Hawkins Day. Then Bumble came along, and now women can unapologetically make the first move. (It may be worth noting, however, that we learned this weekend that Elizabeth Warren was well ahead of her time, asking her husband to marry her.)

For so long, we were socialized to believe that we had to “play the game” of professional advancement alone.

Because if we championed each other, we took a hit to our professional reputations. Along came The Squad. Forget politics for the moment, because — love them or hate them — you can’t argue that by banding together, they are amplifying their voices.

For so long, the idea of having a woman president was unthinkable.

Now we have six of them running for office. They may or may not win, but what a message they are sending to our children about what a woman is capable of.

Not enough has changed, for sure. (For example, that damn gender investing gap. We’re working on it, double-time.) But no one ever drove real change by simply accepting the status quo and playing by the old rules … which, by definition, haven’t worked for us.

As Sansa Stark put it — in a role played by Sophie Turner, also up for an Emmy — “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

Let’s be a wolf pack.

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