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Past, Present, Future: Three Ways to Honor Your Journey

Past, Present, Future: Three Ways to Honor Your Journey

A while ago, I had a great conversation with a friendly acquaintance I had recently met. We fell comfortably into conversation about life and business. The conversation eventually turned to the importance of living life in the present, because the present is all we have.

Theoretically, I agree. It seems that far too many are so preoccupied with the appearance of living their lives through social media, vlogging, and selfies that they forget to actually savor the moment right in front of them. Then there are those who seem either locked in past disappointments or “the good ole days” that they neglect to appreciate the beauty of their progression. The remaining cohort are those that continually dream of a future utopia that will miraculously occur, failing to realize that actions to attain their goals start today.

Regardless of whether you recognize yourself in any of these categories, the reality is that all three apply to all of us on some level. But this begs a more profound question: How are we able to live with purity in the present moment without acknowledging our past and looking toward our future?

Our history is intricately woven into our being, and the future connects to the optimistic side of human nature. The present is the bond that holds all three states together in a braid that is our beautifully complex life.

Here are three ways to honor your journey.

1) Your past may be imperfect, but you are standing on its foundation.

From birth until now, we have embarked upon an extraordinary journey that only we can own. Whether tragic or storied, we should be proud that we have not only survived, but excelled, because we are still standing, and even soaring.

Learn to respect the texture of your journey to this point.

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2) The present is where you are now. Learn to just be.

There are valid reasons why mindfulness has gained increasing traction recently. Although it is an age-old practice, its benefits are relevant more than ever.

The busyness of our current society - which compels us to vie for the gold medal of multi-tasking and sprint to the finish line of mediocrity - creates a need to jump off the proverbial rollercoaster ride to still the mind and body.

There are varying ways to taste the sweetness of life in your current position. There is value in sharing a laugh with a friend or healing in a quiet period of mourning.

The present is a gift. Accept it.

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3) The future is not promised, but envisioning a future evolutionary state is an act of power.

No matter how you feel about your past or your station in life right now, know that you have the power to change what does not serve you, and make greater those things that do. The authority is yours to take action.

We are all works in progress, and the beautiful thing about our timeline is that with each new chapter, we have the opportunity to grow, learn, expand, and gain higher command of our destiny.

Own your power. Own your future.

After reflecting on that initial conversation so long ago, I have come to the conclusion that present is not, in fact, all we have. We inhale our past, breathe our present, and exhale our future. And that is the real circle of life.

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Kelli Wingo serves as the Founder/Chief Vision and Strategy Officer of War Room Coaching, dedicated to helping clients excavate the authenticity of their personal brand and organizations develop a culture of entrepreneurship to engage employees and increase the bottom line. She is also the Founder/Chief Orator of Spiryt In Motion, specializing in confidence catalyzing, vision casting and inciting riotous rebellion against limiting beliefs. You can connect with Kelli and see more of her content at, YouTube channel The War Room with Jael, and on Twitter @WarRoomCoaching.

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