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What Autumn Means for the Stock Market

What Autumn Means for the Stock Market

I want to like autumn. I really do.

Low humidity, cooler days. The excitement of back-to-school. Changing leaves. Pumpkin spice. Sweater weather.

But also, hurricanes. The feeling that you’ve been shot out of a cannon when you return to work after Labor Day. Pumpkin spice latte shaming. Knowing that winter — with its darkness and seasonal affective disorder and dreaded “wintry mix” — is up next. And historically, a pick-up in stock market volatility.

Wait, what? A pick-up in stock market volatility?

Yes. I’m not sure why it has happened historically, but it has. Perhaps the professional investors and traders return from those lazy days at the beach, fire up their computers … and freak out.

Well, how about this year? Particularly since the stock market was already pretty volatile in August?

The truth is this:

  1. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the short term.
  2. Even with the historic volatility, if you had invested in the stock market in the autumn — or on literally any other day since 1926 — and kept your money in for the long term (in this case 15 years), you would have had a 99% chance of a positive return.
  3. Ellevest’s investment portfolios aren’t just invested in the equity markets. We invest in 21 asset classes in our Digital offering. That means that, even if the equity markets decline, other markets could be going up. For example, the bond market went up in August, so Ellevest investors received the benefit of the good performance in those types of investments.
  4. This isn’t our first rodeo. We build down markets into our projections for your investment portfolio and work to get you to your financial goals in the significant majority of market scenarios.
  5. Setting up recurring deposits into your investment accounts serves to even out the ups and downs even more. And recurring deposits also have the beneficial effect of being a “don’t see it, don’t miss it, don’t think about it” form of saving.

OK, September. Let’s do this thing.

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