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Seven Life-Changing Money Lessons

Seven Life-Changing Money Lessons

We cannot fully express the women we are intended to be while hostage to a limiting money story. It’s like trying to host a big party with the door to your house locked. The resources essential to grow your business can’t get in.

Your relationship to money impacts every part of your life. When you empower your relationship to money, it changes everything!

Everyone has a money story. I committed to helping women empower their emotional relationship to money because when I became an entrepreneur, I bumped into my own money blind spots, hard.

Empowering one’s relationship to money is a process, not an event. Here are the seven most profound money lessons I have learned.

1) I am enough.

This belief alone can save you countless dollars! The repetition of “I am enough” as a mantra is an act of profound self-love. It can regulate spending and saving independent of restrictive, punitive self- talk.

When I experience my enough-ness, managing my money in alignment with my means and the higher vision I hold for my life is effortless. Knowing I am enough inspires decisions made from a place of fulfillment and self-respect. This one practice has been life-changing.

2) Sustainability is sexy.

Trying to build a multi-six-figure or seven-figure company before you have learned how to create a sustainable business is like trying to build a skyscraper on a body of water.

Many gifted, would-be entrepreneurs crash and burn after jumping on the bandwagon that encourages achieving Olympic superstardom overnight without having learned first to walk. When I shifted my focus from becoming wealthy to becoming sustainable, I rediscovered my well-being and the joy that inspired me to become a coach to begin with.

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3) Money loves clarity.

When you don’t know your numbers, you can't make business plans, create sensible offers, make empowered decisions, or effectively execute any of the actions essential to the creation of a sustainable business.

Money loves clarity. Knowing our numbers is how we express our respect for money. Clarity empowers you to make decisions that create the results you want.

I used to have resistance to my numbers. I lived with a vague sense of what was coming in and going out. At first, staring head-on into my finances was a bitter pill. But once I knew my numbers, I finally experienced what it means to be an empowered entrepreneur.

4) Money is neutral - we assign it meaning.

Have you heard the saying money is 90% emotion and 10% math? Even though there’s probably nothing that activates a broader range of emotions than money, it is actually we who assign money the meaning that triggers all of those emotions.

When I suspended the limiting beliefs I swallowed whole as a child, the tension I carried around money released. I was finally free to imagine a peaceful money future that was not laden with all kinds of “price tags” that I didn't want.

What are your beliefs about money? When you suspend your money story, your money triggers will soften. You will also be able to observe the money stories of those close to you with more compassion and less fear and judgment.

5) The way we do money is the way we do love, including self-love.

When I do money archetype work with couples, the first question I ask is, “What’s the sticking point in your relationship when it comes to money?”

I hear, “I want more affection from her," "I want him to be less controlling," "I want him be an equal partner," "I want her to discuss her desires with me.” The way we do money is the way we give and receive. Our relationship to money is reflected in what we value and invest in, what we believe we deserve, and what we believe is possible.

My family was big on the “Who do you think you are?” approach to wanting a big, beautiful, fully expressed life. It has been the work of a lifetime for me to conquer warped beliefs about “selfishness” and replace them with self-love. Shining one’s brightest light and being compensated well for one’s positive impact is anything but selfish!

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6) We are 100% responsible for our relationship with money.

If you’re experiencing the same money challenges over and over, then you may be living inside of limiting beliefs that were never yours. Changing our money results requires the courage to look with brutal honesty at what we were told about money and our worth and to say “that’s not mine” or “that’s not true.”

I had to own the things I wanted and valued that were criticized by my family. While my own desires were in the closet, it was impossible to manifest them. I’ve made some radical choices to catalyze a business and life consistent with who I am and what matters most to me. And a whole lot of it is contrary to what I was taught is “okay” about money and my worth.

7) There is unlimited abundance in the universe.

This is a beautiful spiritual truth. However, the only way you will experience it is if you believe that the unlimited abundance is available to you.

Life is always rallying in your favor. But until you believe that this applies to you personally, it is difficult, if not impossible, to experience its blessing.

Whenever I start to feel old patterns of doubt or fear creep in, I remind myself that life is always conspiring in my favor. Embracing this spiritual truth changes how I’m showing up, which opens up new possibilities for action, and that sets me up to achieve new results.

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Michelle Atlas empowers women entrepreneurs and professionals to free themselves of everything they are not and reclaim their self-trust and intuition, so they can align their businesses with their souls and generate great money, love, and well-being. Find her at

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