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Your Holiday Survival Strategy: Give Yourself the Gift of Bliss

Your Holiday Survival Strategy: Give Yourself the Gift of Bliss

We all know that the holidays can be overwhelming... but they don't have to be.

In the hustle and bustle of everything we face on a daily basis, it's easy to lose control of what we need most. More often than not, we deplete our reserves, neglecting what our heart calls for most in order to make everyone else happy.

Have you ever noticed yourself skip your workout routine to go gift shopping? Or stress out over hosting the perfect party? Or feel that you can't simultaneously balance the work deadlines and work parties? Especially this time of year, we begin to spiral out of control, indulging in counter-productive coping mechanisms (i.e., too much drinking, shopping, eating) to handle our stress.

Before getting egg-nogged this holiday season, here are a few survival strategies that’ll keep you feeling merry and light:

Tip #1: Drink responsibly.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, women are at greater risk of health complications when it comes to the effects of alcohol on the body. Therefore, while you’re out, see if you can keep it to less than three in any one event or under seven drinks in a week covering the span of your upcoming holiday functions.

If you feel the need to drink, however, then consider drinking at least 8 ounces of water before the next cocktail or glass of wine. This will help keep you hydrated and prevent spikes in your hormones and blood sugar levels. Also consider drinking an additional tall glass of water before bed as you may be feeling cottonmouth throughout the night and the following morning. This sounds simple, but many of us aren’t doing these easy things to protect our bodies and overall wellbeing, which can exacerbate the post-digestive effect of alcohol on the body.

When you wake up the following morning, be sure to set yourself up for success. Since you’ll be working through all the sugar you drank the night before, consider a healthy, high protein breakfast like a light vegetable omelet or green juice to start your new day on the right foot. Avoid heavy breads and complex carbs until lunch or dinnertime.

Tip #2: Be grateful.

It’s easy to judge others during this time of year. Whether it’s the chef whose food tastes horrible, the friend who’s always late, the negative family drama, the bumper-to-bumper traffic or beyond, remember that this season is about Love.

Even for those that are suffering from loss and loneliness, remember that there’s always something to be grateful for. We don’t have bad days, months or years. We have bad moments that we choose to exacerbate and exaggerate. Whether it’s a sunny day, or a friendly smile or a roof over our heads, there’s always something to be grateful for. This time, instead of amplifying the negativity, take a moment to outwardly express appreciation for those around you. Watch what happens when you give more love and positivity this holiday season: magic unfolds.

Tip #3: Plan for 2020 and beyond

We’re always waiting for a Monday, a new month or a new year to make a change. While I don’t usually subscribe to this mentality as it can be an excuse to not begin, we’re coming up on a new decade full of opportunity and possibility. Before the clock strikes 12am, take an intentional moment to think about what you want for the next 10 years. Ask yourself: what will my career, relationships or health look like in 10 years? What do I need to do TODAY to get to where I need to?

If you know “what” you want, but don’t know “how” to get there, consider reaching out to a coach, mentor, friend or someone who can help you create small steps to reach the big dreams that reside in your heart. A guide can help you keep motivated and accountable to your goals.

Don’t waste another 10 years waiting for that perfect moment; it’ll never arrive. We’ll never have enough time, money or resources so start with what you have: now. It’s the gritty, bold and daring that achieve their dreams by starting now. And if you’re not feeling the gentle push yet: the next 10 years will be the same as the last unless you make the brave and bold decision to DO something different.

For more tips and holiday survival strategies, check out the replay of our latest webinar with Lauren Baptiste:

Wishing you a healthy holiday season and a happy new year!


Lauren Baptiste is an Executive Wellness Coach focused on breaking-through the effects of burnout. Lauren founded Acheloa Wellness, a firm that empowers ambitious, hard-working women with the tools and techniques to be successful in today’s world. Lauren is learned in Ayurveda, hormonal health, yoga, reiki and other healing arts, and is also a CPA with over 10 years of experience in the corporate environment. 

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