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Own Your Own Will

Own Your Own Will

Take ownership of your willpower and it will make you strong.

How can you use the innate will that we are all born with? How do you tap into this powerful energy force to achieve what you want in the goals you set your mind to?

First, let’s itemize key things that happen when your will is in charge. You will:

  • Overcome obstacles skillfully.
  • Work effectively.
  • Persevere through hardships.
  • Tolerate discomfort.
  • Close deals successfully.

A strong, focused mind is an extremely powerful instrument.

Money can’t buy it; status can’t own it; influence can’t gain it; mere genius can’t mold it; creativity can’t create it; privilege can’t bestow it.

So where, you may ask, does it come from? Willpower lies within you. It’s in each of us. Will is innate within us, but uncommonly used by many of us. Only a few tap into the will of their soul to light the fire in their belly to make great things happen.

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Look around our world. When humans mastered their will, things were completed, created, and executed. Everything man-made has been inspired by will alone. Nothing is beyond reach - from blasting a rocket into space to inventing the modest, yet essential, toilet paper.

In the same vein, when you get behind the eight ball, moving ahead is possible with personal will.

A strong personal will is essential for good things to happen. Will is important, like the breath of life itself, as when you first breathed the Earth’s air when the doctor smacked your bottom. A baby’s will is called to task to bring its own life into existence. We all possess it, even though sometimes the fire in the belly slowly diminishes into dying embers. It can be reignited.

Smack your will into action. Give it life. An active will resonates within you when you say "yes" to your commitments and say that they matter as much anything can matter. An active will affirms your goal, forging discipline and tenacity to triumphantly make it past the finish line. By harnessing your inner will, no challenge is insurmountable. It’s the one durable road to personal achievement and happiness.

My first important encounter with my personal will, besides me willing myself into existence as the doctor smacked me on my bottom, was when I was cruelly labelled "retarded" throughout my formative years in school, first by my pediatrician and later by my classmates. This began in kindergarten and continued with my flunking third grade and almost flunking sixth grade. Finally, at the sixth-grade level, I was professionally tested for learning disabilities.

Until this time, I was smart enough to cheat my way through elementary school. Thank god for Bruce, the cutest blond, blue-eyed, smarty-pants in class. He did not know it, but I had the wandering eye of the cheater. I was clever enough to will my education without getting busted, though it was underhanded. However, when I was professionally tested, I could not hoodwink anyone, including myself.

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I was interested to find out my results. What were my test scores? I read on basically a first and second-grade level; however, the surprising thing was I tested out on a genius-level IQ. Go figure.

Dr. Levenson told me that if I possessed the determination and focus to work extremely hard, I could get all my scores up to the eighth-grade level by the time I reached the eighth grade. I had two years to catch up basically six years of knowledge. And, I did it!

It started with my commitment of will, the aid of a tutor, and a stack of flashcards with every combination of the phonetic alphabet. I never looked back. If it weren’t for my personal will, I never would have succeeded in school, especially in such a short time-frame.

I wasn’t what everyone said. I was smart. I just learned differently. And, I triumphed. My personal will did not fail me then, and it will not fail me in the years to come.

Though you might have to work hard for it, owning your own will won’t fail you, because you develop unwavering character and unflappable confidence in pursuit of the life that you create, outwitting any naysayers that get in your way. Overcoming adversity never tasted so sweet!

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Pichi Bellingrath McClure is a life coach and public speaker who specializes in helping people with mental illness. She helps people use their emotions in a constructive manner so as to optimize their lives.

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