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Say Yes to Change

Say Yes to Change

Is it possible to change? To change your thoughts? To change your perceptions? To change your reactions? To change the stories in your head?

What do you believe?

If you do not believe it is possible to change, you are closing the door to all things possible for you. The world is no longer your oyster because you aren’t willing to allow yourself the opportunity to remove beliefs that no longer serve you.

You are set in stone. Static. Not able to grow and challenge your world. Not able to look at the world with a fresh perspective. Not able to see the opportunities that come to you. The world starts to contract each day you aren’t willing to say, "Yes, I can make a change."

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You will continue to wish. Wish you had a better relationship with your mom and dad. Wish you had a better relationship with your siblings. Wish you had love in your life. Wish you had gone after your dream job.

Each wish will be followed up by all the reasons it’s not possible. I can’t have a better relationship with my parents because they won’t change. I can’t find the love of my life because there is no one out there that fits my criteria. I can’t go after my dream job because it would be too risky.

Do you see how limiting one belief can be to us?

The question is even more critical when we consider something bigger than just us. Society as a whole. Each person that says "no" to these questions is closing the door to our society making changes.

You are saying nothing will improve for black individuals. The protests are futile because changing beliefs is not possible. You are saying that it is not possible for corporations to provide better benefits to mothers and fathers to create a thriving family. You are saying it is not possible for the government to change.

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How can a society change if we as individuals do not believe that we can change? How can a society change if we as individuals do not take responsibility for making changes in our own lives?

I believe change is possible, but we have to be open to making the change happen in our lives. We have to educate ourselves. Listen to our inner thoughts and take responsibility.

By saying, "Yes, it is possible to change," you are already opening yourself up to the world of possibility. You will start to see opportunities that open your mind to new perspectives. You will start to hear the stories in your head a bit differently.

They are no longer static. They are no longer set in stone. You may even start to question them completely! What about this story I’m telling myself is true? Is any of it true?

You will start to see opportunities to change your reactions to things. You will see that you don’t have to automatically assume that it’s someone else’s responsibility to take action. You will see that you have the power in yourself to have an impact on all facets of your life, from your relationships to your beliefs about the bigger world around you.

Each day you remind yourself that it is possible to change, to shift your beliefs, and to challenge your own reactions, you are opening yourself up to the world around you. New ideas are shared with you. You become an explorer!

Why not you? Why not allow yourself the belief that change is possible?

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Jamie Martin is a life and leadership coach who helps women who have been going and going and going for so long that they feel like they've lost themselves. She helps her clients give themselves permission to put themselves first, create a plan, and go after their dreams.

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