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Don't Lose Sight of What You are Called For

Don't Lose Sight of What You are Called For

I recently watched a reality culinary competition where four chefs were competing amongst each other. During three rounds, judges would "chop" one of the chefs and the competition would begin again with the remaining chefs. At the end, only one chef was crowned champion.

In the middle of the competition, there was one chef that really caught my interest. This chef was very focused and driven to win the competition.

There was a moment when a staff member came to help the chefs by cleaning their workstations. When the staff member approached this particular chef’s workstation, the chef was extremely rude with him.

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Toward the end of the competition, the same chef became nervous and aggravated and threw her cooking utensils on the floor. Both scenes were recorded and included in the broadcast. As it turned out, this chef won the competition.

I reflected on what it means to win and what it means to "become a champion." I also reflected on the behavior of the winner and if I would want to be a part of the "winning" team in this competition.

I believe that the staff members of the reality show were not on the winning side. For me, this chef won alone.

What kind of leader do you aspire to be? What kind of leader do you perceive yourself to be? Are you the type of leader or person that aspires to achieve results no matter what, and are not concerned about the type of legacy you leave behind?

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We need to be cognizant of how we make people feel, because this tells a great deal about ourselves.

What kind of experiences are you bringing to people’s lives? Do not think only about employees, but family and friends.

Working in customer experience has taught me to start from the inside out. It is only when you create the best employee experience that you can create the best customer experience.

Customer experience is the ultimate reality show. We are always on camera, and all our moments are seen by our employees, our customers, and ourselves.

This concept extends beyond business. What sort of interactions are people having with you outside your workplace? The quality of interactions and connections you create in people’s lives will be your legacy.

I am reading a book by Simon Sinek called The Infinite Game, and I want to end my article with the following thought:

The world is full of people playing and winning finite games. Let’s not lose sight of what we are called for. What kind of game do you want to play?

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Ana Flavia Cavagnoli is the Customer Experience Manager at Schindler Elevator Corporation. She is a member of Ellevate's New York and Central and Northern New Jersey chapters.

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