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Reflecting on Mobilize Women: When Priorities Change

Reflecting on Mobilize Women: When Priorities Change

What you need: a pen, a journal or some paper, timer, 30 minutes, honest and open mind

Try to use the full 30 minutes to complete the exercise: if you feel like you are running out of things to write down, let your thoughts flow freely and write down whatever comes to your mind. This exercise is for you and you only.

Take 5 minutes to reflect and journal on each bullet point below:

  • When was the last time you were faced with an unexpected challenge or had to pivot your priorities? Describe your experience and how you felt in detail
  • What was your first instinct at that time? What was the root cause of your reaction? Reflect, then pick 5 adjectives that describe your reaction the best
  • During the When Priorities Change segment of Mobilize Women, the speakers shared how they reacted when their own priorities changed, or when they were faced with an unexpected situation. What stood out to you the most from the way they went about their struggles? Reflect, then pick 5 adjectives that collectively describe their reactions the best
  • Are the adjectives you picked for yourself the same as the ones you picked for the speakers? Are they different? Why do you think that is? Take a moment to understand and jot down your thoughts.

Take 10 minutes to reflect on the question below:

  • Out of the adjectives you’ve picked for yourself, which ones would you want to change? What do you want them to be? For each adjective you want to change, come up with four action steps that will get you closer to your target.

Remember to save your notes somewhere safe and refer back to them over time. If you’ve enjoyed the When Priorities Change session and this exercise, don’t forget join us at the next session of Mobilize Women Week


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