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Reflecting on Mobilize Women: The Changing Face of Business

Reflecting on Mobilize Women: The Changing Face of Business

What you need: a pen, a journal or some paper, timer, 30 minutes, honest and open mind

Try to use the full 30 minutes to complete the exercise: if you feel like you are running out of things to write down, let your thoughts flow freely and write down whatever comes to your mind. This exercise is for you and you only.

Take 15 minutes to reflect and journal on the bullet points below:

  • The Changing Face of Business focuses both on employer advocacy and organizations’ increased desire to make an impact. From what you’ve heard from the speakers and your observations, journal on how you think employers’ external actions have changed over time.
  • Think about the organizations that have impressed you with their responses to recent events such as COVID-19 or Black Lives Matter protests. What did they have in common?
  • What is an organization’s responsibility to its own employees during a time of crisis? Write down what you think a 21st century organization should prioritize for its employees.

Take 15 minutes to complete the exercise below:

  • Most successful companies often start with a desire to serve a need or solve the problems of the communities in which they operate. Take half of this time to reflect on the problems you see in your community: what is it missing, what do the people need, what would improve the lives of those around you? Then, focus on what you can bring to the table to tackle these problems - write down at least 10 strengths or skills. Finally, connect the dots: identify the areas in which you can make a difference in your neighborhood, organization, or community.

Remember, the more you continue doing these exercises, the more aware you will be of the procedures in your workplace and how you and others might be affected by them. Consider taking some time to flesh out your thoughts and even bring it up to others around you who can help you take action. If you’ve enjoyed the The Changing Face of Business session and this exercise, don’t forget join us at the next session of Mobilize Women Week. 


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