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Reflecting on Mobilize Women: Human-Centric Policies and Cultures

Reflecting on Mobilize Women: Human-Centric Policies and Cultures

What you need: a pen, a journal or some paper, timer, 30 minutes, honest and open mind

Try to use the full 30 minutes to complete the exercise: if you feel like you are running out of things to write down, let your thoughts flow freely and write whatever comes to your mind. This exercise is for you and you only.

Take 15 minutes to reflect and journal on the bullet points below:

  • Do you bring your whole self to work every day? Why or why not? Do you think those who might not look like you, talk like you, or love like you feel the same way?
  • During the Human-Centric Policies and Cultures session, the speakers shared plethora of policies and cultures that they implement in their workplaces. Which ones stood out to you? Which ones do you think would benefit your workplace?
  • How has your workplace evolved their approach to workplace policies during COVID-19? What are some policies you think would benefit organizations beyond COVID-19?

Take 15 minutes to complete the exercise below:

  • Divide your paper into four quadrants and start a SWOT(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of the policies and the culture in your workplace or in your team. What are the areas of improvement, the strongest qualities, and those policies that might be threatening the success of your organization?

Remember, the more you continue doing these exercises, the more aware you will be of the procedures in your workplace and how you and others might be affected by them. Consider taking some time to flesh out your thoughts and even bring it up to others at your organization. If you’ve enjoyed the Human-Centric Policies and Cultures session and this exercise, don’t forget join us at the next session of Mobilize Women Week.


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