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Reflecting on Mobilize Women: Technology & Bias

Reflecting on Mobilize Women: Technology & Bias

What you need: a pen, a journal or some paper, timer, 30 minutes, honest and open mind

Try to use the full 30 minutes to complete the exercise: if you feel like you are running out of things to write down, let your thoughts flow freely and write whatever comes to your mind. This exercise is for you and you only.

Take 15 minutes to reflect and journal on the bullet points below:

  • After listening to the speakers on the Technology & Bias segment, what surprised you the most? What was the most unexpected“reality’check” on how bias permeates in technology and artificial intelligence?
  • How are existing biases often noticed? What do you think is the connection between representation in the industry and the existence of biases?
  • Do you often think about how bias might be coming into play during your day-to-day? Why or why not? Is it a privilege to not think about bias every day?

Take 15 minutes to complete the exercise below:

  • Regardless of the industry, bias often plays an undeniable role in the corporate world. From finance to law, from insurance to human resources, spend some time identifying the parts of your work that are the most prone to bias. What are some structures or trainings you can put in place, that do not readily exist, that could reduce the biases in your team or work. Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with as many ideas as possible.

Remember, the more you continue doing these exercises, the more aware you will be of the bias in your workplace and how you and others might be affected by them. Consider taking some time to flesh out your thoughts and even bring it up to others at your organization. If you’ve enjoyed the Technology & Bias session and this exercise, don’t forget join us at the next session of Mobilize Women Week


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