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Embracing Human-Centric Policies and a Culture of Belonging

Embracing Human-Centric Policies and a Culture of Belonging

The new world of work is here. Leading companies understand people are their greatest asset. Business growth and employee wellbeing are interconnected more today than ever before, and studies show companies with happy and healthy employees outperform in the short and long term.

Organizations who put humans at the center of their culture, such as RBC Wealth Management -U.S., will greatly harness the benefits that a diverse workforce brings to the table. And, individuals who can thrive at work both professionally and personally should be the norm, not the exception. During Ellevate’s Mobilize Women Week, Kristen Kimmell, Head of Advisor Recruiting and Marketing at RBC Wealth Management - U.S., shared her best practices for how to embrace human-centric policies and create a culture of belonging.

Flexible Remote Work Policies

Prior to 2020 and the global pandemic, companies spent decades debating remote and flexible work options. Earlier this year, most companies were forced into this work style, whether they were ready or not. Gone are the days of a “butts-in-the-seat” mentality. It shouldn’t be a surprise that work is getting done in this remote work world and companies and employees are generally thriving in this new environment.

Family-Friendly Policies

The global pandemic also forced some individuals into roles that demanded more of their time, such as helping a child with remote learning or caring for an elderly parent. These are all temporary situations, which have lasted longer than many of us imagined; however, RBC added additional paid time off benefits to help employees balance these additional responsibilities. They’ve also adjusted paid family leave policies to include caregiving for a child, spouse, or parent.

Fair Pay and Leave for All Employees

While addressing your organization’s perks, adjusting benefits and closing the pay gap may seem like a big cost at the time but the return on investment is greater. In additional to offering paid family leave for full-time employees, RBC Wealth Management - U.S. has guaranteed continuity of pay for employees and offered extended paid family leave benefits for commission-based employees.

Space to Bring Your Whole Self to Work

No matter what your personal situation is, everyone has responsibilities outside of work that they are trying to balance with their professional lives. Yet as Kristen explained, finding balance is like chasing a unicorn. Balance indicates there’s a single perfect point where you set it and forget it. Now more than ever, our personal and professional lives are changing daily and what you need today may be different tomorrow or a year from now. Everyone needs to be treated fairly based on the individual needs at that time.

The key to creating a culture where people and humans are at the center of decision-making is transparency. Managers and leaders need to encourage open dialogues and conversations to address different scenarios.

The lessons learned during the pandemic and the progress companies have made will redefine our new state of work. Companies who embrace a culture of belonging and put people at the forefront will ultimately succeed and be able to attract and retain the best talent.

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