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Master Your Mind, Master Your Day

Master Your Mind, Master Your Day

What is the key to an awesome day? Yes, we can say that all kinds of good things happening to us would make the day awesome. But I dare challenge that notion, as we don’t want to be at the mercy of good things happening randomly to us for us to have an awesome day.

When good things happen, let’s of course enjoy them and be grateful for them. But let’s not hang our hat on that. Let’s instead create our awesome day - become the of master your day! As usual, the key is to own your day.

I’ve covered this concept from the idea of designing and owning our day:

These are all tactics that give us more and more control of the makeup of our day, that keep us in alignment and flowing, that keep us focused and seamlessly cranking. These are tactics that empower us in creating awesome days, and ultimately an awesome life, as life is but an accumulation of days.

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We run into trouble when we don’t first take the time to design our day and fill it with all the things that contribute to it being awesome. We run into trouble when we don't have the right mindset to really own our day.

We run into trouble when we don’t have the right mindset to implement our design. When we don’t have the right mindset to be always improving our design and tweaking our implementation. When we don’t have the right mindset to be persistent and dedicated in striving for excellence and striving for the gold. When we don’t have the right mindset to drink the Kool-Aid, to be believers, to have faith that we can create and have what we desire.

So, today’s angle is slightly different - by focusing on owning our day and owning how we look at things, we learn how we own our mindset. This is mega powerful!

Because of my line of work, I come across many stories on a daily basis of how people look at the world and how they experience it. It is so very interesting to have two individuals go through the same event or be part of a situation together, and yet have very different experiences.

Our experience is influenced by who we are and how we choose to experience things. We can be at the mercy of our unruly mind. We can look at something as being glass half-full or half-empty. We can let our usual limited lens color the whole experience.

And yes, we can choose. We can tame our mind. We can train ourselves to think better. We can reprogram our operating system.

The are several layers of work that can be done here to become an expert at minding your mind and better owning how you look at things. In taking charge of your mind and how you experience things, you are better able to fully own your day and become the master of it. No longer will you be at the mercy of blowing with the wind!

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Tame your mind.

Teach your mind how to get quiet, increase your awareness, don't allow run-away trains or add wood to your fire, and take charge of having a clutter-free mind.

For starters, this involves embracing a mindfulness practiceMeditation doesn’t have to be hard.

Think more positive thoughts.

Focus on what worked, went well, or what you liked, find the silver lining, identify built-in opportunities, notice growth places, and embrace the lesson to be learned.

For starters, this involves creating good thought habits.

Clean your dirty thinking.

Identify your thought patterns, address any distortions you indulge, and, hugely importantly, take ownership or responsibility for all the results in your life. No more blaming, pointing fingers, or making excuses!

For starters, this requires you set more effective boundaries for yourself.

Edit your go-to scripts.

Become aware of the running stories you tell yourself about yourself, your partner, and the world. And address the underlying unresolved wounds, pains, issues, or such that still have a hold on you and taint your lens.

For starters, this involves identifying the theme of what rents space in your head.

Reprogram your limiting beliefs.

Identify the fears holding you and the blueprint of your life back and remove their hold on you.

For starters, this requires building courage and increasing vulnerability.

Embracing these provides a more empowered approach to how you look and choose to experience your days and your life. Once you own your mind, you own your day. Owning your day allows you to have a more peaceful, harmonious, joyful, creative, productive, connected, and happy life!

Let’s get better at owning ourselves!

Assignment: Decide which of these five types of mindset resetting makes the most sense for you right now.

  • Tame your mind.
  • Think more positive thoughts.
  • Clean your dirty thinking.
  • Edit your go-to scripts.
  • Reprogram your limiting beliefs.

Select the one that resonates the most and make a commitment to playing with the tactic until you feel the reset. You will notice a difference in your brain, in your mood, and in your thinking habits. And you will notice a difference in the results you get in your life.

Note: There is a saying, “new level, new devil.” So, even if you’ve done some of this work before, it might need to be revisited. Also, if you’ve been going through challenging times, you might be raw, triggered, or just got "dirty." It’s part of the human experience, after all.

Be open-minded about what you need. Leave arrogance to the side. This is for you. Be truthful and own what you need. There is no shame in having to do this work or having to revisit this work. If anything, kudos to you for being here and investing in your personal relational development.

Start owning your mind more, start owning your day more, and start becoming the master of your day and life.

Happy mastering!

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Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT is the Founder and Director of Metropolitan Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC, a private practice that specializes in working with couples. She is the creator of the MetroRelationship™ philosophy and the Successful Couple Strategy™ that help couples succeed at their relationship and their life. To stay connected with her and receive weekly connection notes in your inbox with personal development and relationship enrichment insights and strategies, visit:

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