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Three Steps to Effortlessly Making Sales, Even if You Think You Can't Sell

Three Steps to Effortlessly Making Sales, Even if You Think You Can't Sell

Selling, and more specifically making sales easily or effortlessly, is one of those things where you see or hear it and either roll your eyes and proclaim “I can’t sell” or it’s already your reality. I’m a high-ticket sales expert, so you might be forgiven for thinking I’ve always been on the side of loving sales - except I wasn’t.

In fact, over fifteen years ago I was working in a call center role where in the less-than-eight-week period I was there, I didn’t make a single sale - and I was selling something that was less than $10! For years I’d repeat the story, “I can’t sell,” and for years I saw selling as this really "icky" thing.

I didn’t ever want to be in sales, because that would mean I was going to be this icky, pushy salesperson. I also saw sales as something that was so difficult. It felt like pulling teeth to make sales.

And then it all changed. I went from hating sales, not being able to sell a single thing, to confidently selling a six-figure offering with ease. I’ve gone from feeling sick when it comes to sales conversations to proudly proclaiming that I love selling (I’ve even written a bestselling book all about selling).

Was it a strategy that changed everything for me? No.

Was it a sales script? No.

I changed my relationship with selling, and in doing so I unlocked the key to effortless selling. I can sell any figure, any amount, and I make those sales every single day with ease. And 99% of the time, I don’t ever feel that I’ve actually sold anything.

Quite the transformation. The secret? I changed my relationship with selling and unlocked my own selling superpower. Here are three key steps to take to move into effortlessly making sales.

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1) Selling is being of service.

The first thing you have to do is realize that it starts with you, and more specifically with how you feel/think/see selling. One issue is that most people see selling as this big, bad wolf. They see it as being something that people are afraid of, something that you should be ashamed to do.

The reality is, however, that if you are not selling to your audience, you are not fully being of service. It’s not until they buy from you that they will actually get what it is that they want and need.

The free stuff you give out is all good and well, but is it enough? For some people, sure, but for the larger percentage of your audience, it won’t be. And that’s exactly why if you’re not selling, you are not being of full service.

Flip how you see selling. See it as the powerful tool of full service that it truly is.

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2) Selling should be unique to you.

If you’re trying that whole round peg/square hole thing when it comes to selling, then you’re going to find it difficult. It will feel as if you’re having to push, and it will seem incredibly hard.

Selling isn’t this one-size-fits-all skill that most people (including myself in the past) see it as. The ability to truly sell in a way that’s effortless lies within all of us, but how we do that entirely depends on us as an individual.

Some people thrive cold calling, while others would break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. How do you actually love to connect with people? Where and how do you find people respond to you best? What do you enjoy doing?

Dive into you, into how you like to buy, into how people respond best to you, or into what just feels good and right for you. Create your sales processes from that space instead of fitting in with a script that wasn't made for you.

3) Sell what people actually want.

Now this one seems really simple, right? And it is, for the most part, but it’s one of the key pieces that gets overlooked.

Often when new clients come to me who are finding high-ticket sales a struggle, it’s because they’re not actually selling what people want. Their target audience needs it, for sure, but it’s not positioned in a way that means their target audience actually knows it’s something they want.

You will know what they need, but what you know they need and what they think they want/need are very often two different things. Why make it harder for yourself than it actually needs to be? After all, selling is basically you exchanging something with them.

You’re exchanging your services with them; you exchange something they want and they give you money in return. That’s it. It’s incredibly simple and yet people often complicate it by trying to sell their target audience something they don’t actually know they want.

Sell the want and position it toward what they’re actually asking for or wanting. It’ll make selling 100 times easier.

Everyone can sell, at every level, no matter what the cost, and it doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to do it your way and keep it as simple as possible so people actually know they want to buy from you!

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