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Some Thoughts on International Women's Day

Some Thoughts on International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day! - First, let’s talk about the good stuff. There have been lots of“firsts” lately with women crushing glass ceilings left and right(looking at you Madam Vice President, as well as so many other incredible leaders) - we’ve compiled quite the list here.

Now, on to some other thoughts….

How many emails about International Women’s Day have you received already today? How many social posts with inspirational quotes by strong women? Have you counted the number of companies who have come out and said that they value their women employees and leaders?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not against celebrating International Woman’s Day — it’s a great marketing strategy for many brands way to celebrate the contributions, efforts and countless sacrifices women make for our communities and the world. For one whole day. 😒

Ok, yes, this seems salty and maybe we should refrain from that dialogue, but it’s hard not to be salty when you read the stats:

  • More than 2 million women left the labor force in 2020. Women are now at the lowest workforce participation level since 1988.
  • In December, the U.S. economy lost 140,000 jobs, women accounted for 100% of those jobs.
  • 275,000 women left the workforce in January alone.
  • 1 in 4 women are considering leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers

In these trying times it would serve us to remember that research shows women are better leaders in a crisis — you can see it through all of the women at the front lines today as health care workers, caregivers, innovators, community organizers and as some of the most exemplary national leaders combating the pandemic.

It is also important to recognize that women contribute 90% of what they make back to their communities.

Because, you know what else is coming up in March? Equal Pay Day.

March 24 will mark how long into the year it takes for women on average to earn what men did the year before.

And the effects of the pandemic could result in the widening of the gap.

So, if today we’re talking about how amazing women are, let’s not forget this sentiment in a couple of weeks. On March 24, lets remind companies about their commitments and warm and fuzzy feelings — and keep reminding them on August 3rd for Black women, September 8th for Native American women, and October 21st for Latina women.

At Ellevate, we take action. Our coalition of women+ who are smart, caring, ambitious and eager to help each other get ahead does not stand idly waiting. We mobilize. 


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