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Why I Sent My Client to a Fitness Trainer Before Working With Me

Why I Sent My Client to a Fitness Trainer Before Working With Me

If you’re thinking that my client was a model or athlete, who needed to get in shape as part of their career mandate, that would be a reasonable guess, but incorrect. My client was a management consultant, which yes, is a physically demanding job (long hours, lots of travel), but many have done it without benefit of a trainer.

This particular client came to me close to burnout and desperately wanted to pivot his career. Ultimately we did work together, and he made that pivot.

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Because his career goal was change, my coaching time with him largely focused on rebranding him for an in-house role from an advisory role, for a new industry (in his case, media from professional services), and for a new level (from middle management to executive).

However, to marshal the time, energy, and focus to make that career pivot, he needed to get out of survival mode (i.e., recover from near-burnout). He needed a stronger foundation, which for this client, meant taking much better care of himself.

He had always loved playing intramural sports, and if he didn’t have a volatile job with lots of travel, maybe a community sports league would have been an option. But a personal trainer was a more practical fit.

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It took just a few weeks before he felt like a new person. In hindsight, this potential solution seemed so obvious, but it didn't present itself until he came for coaching – we all have blind spots! Once he had a stronger foundation physically and mentally, our career work was able to begin.

If you are burned out, feeling stuck, or otherwise just can’t move forward, you don’t have to figure it out alone. You may have hit a blind spot where you can’t see the way out by yourself. As Les Brown aptly put it:

You can't see the picture when you're in the frame.

Work with a coach or mentor who knows what it takes to have long-term, sustainable career success and can give you a new perspective.

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Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a longtime Ellevate member whose mission is helping experienced professionals in tech, media, financial services, and other industries find work they love, earn more doing it, and achieve FI (financial independence). Visit the Dream Career Club to learn more. She is a Senior Contributor to Forbes Leadership and has appeared on CNN, CBS, and other media on job market issues.

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