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Three Coping Methods to Ease Work-Related Stress and Restore Energy

Three Coping Methods to Ease Work-Related Stress and Restore Energy

Think that afternoon slump you feel in the office is due to a lack of caffeine? Think again! You might be experiencing the effects of cellular stress and mitochondrial burnout.

The “git-r-done” mindset is no longer acceptable, especially when trying to maintain the health of your hormones, heart, and brain. Instead, it’s time for a radical mindset shift when it comes to coping with work-related stress.

According to leading health experts, stress actually blocks your capacity for true health. Why? Because true health is what you get when your cells function the way they were designed to function. And stress due to your job or life situations causes cells to malfunction.

So, let’s talk about what the experts have to say about how you can restore cellular energy and overall cellular health.

The cellular health revolution.

We all have our low energy times at work, but that quick power-up might not be what your body is truly craving.

Odds are that fatigue is due to cellular damage, cellular stress, and mitochondrial burnout. Health specialist Dr. Bill Cole believes that chemical, physical, and emotional stress affects:

Energy levels, hormone production, the microbiome, your metabolism, the health of your brain, and your overall longevity. This often leads to autoimmune, chronic, and unexplainable health dis-ease that plagues our consumer-driven tendencies.

We need a cellular health revolution! Taking control of your health at a cellular level means releasing toxins, not just from your body, but also from your mind. Yes, your mindset around work-related stress is the number-one tell for how you are taking care of your cells.

Are you a stress eater? After a long day at the office, do you cope by having multiple glasses of wine? Are you caking on cosmetics to cover your fatigue in the mornings?

All of these, along with inflammation, are indicators that stress is creating an accumulation of toxins in your body and mind. Dr. Cole says:

Cleaning out the toxins is not just about eliminating packaged or processed foods either. Extracting toxins from your body also requires cleaning up what products you use on your skin and to clean your mouth.

If you overload your body with toxins and don’t manage your stress, you may be fueling that toxic work environment you hate so much. This is where the radical mindset shift comes in and it’s going to require self-love and self-awareness.

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Full spectrum wellness.

Instead of focusing on all the things you need to eliminate, why not think about what you can add to protect the health of your cells? Full spectrum wellness is the key to starting the cellular revolution. Dr. Cole says it’s about:

  • Anti-inflammatory foods: Eating fruits and veggies is great, but you’ll also want to learn the micronutrients in food and prioritize the small structures your body does not produce, like Vitamin D, healthy fats, and clean proteins. Cacao has just become your new best friend!
  • Quality sleep: Make sure you’re getting between 6-8 hours, no more and no less, of REM sleep. Put the screens away before bed, read or journal, and let your mind shut down.
  • Movement and exercise: The key here is to get moving. Start where and how you can. You don't have to run five miles a day to experience the tremendous benefits of exercising, which is key to longevity. A long walk a day will suffice. A sedentary lifestyle won’t help!
  • Avoid toxins: Do your homework. What’s in your lotions? Your toothpaste? Your perfumes? It’s scarier than you know, but it’s better to be aware than to remain in “blissful” ignorance.
  • Manage stress: After work, try meditation, clear your mind, declutter your workspace, take a walk in nature, take ten deep breaths. It is also important to create structure and boundaries at the office and find ways to play at home.

I know, it is overwhelming at first, and yes, it requires research and professional help. But once you prioritize your body and clear the toxic behaviors from your lifestyle, the trade-off is well worth it. You will find an increase in energy, better output at work, and longer life.

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Your new mantra.

Remember, when developing a new habit, consistency is the key to unlocking any door toward wellbeing. If you feel overwhelmed, take your time and focus on one area. There is no need to overhaul your entire lifestyle in one week. Awareness is key to slowing down and managing stress.

Another helpful tool to shift your mindset so you can cope with stress is a mantra. A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated to aid concentration when meditating or trying to focus. Dr. Cole’s mantra is:

Progress over perfection and grace over guilt.

By repeating this simple phrase over and over, you consciously create alignment in your life, and in this case, at a cellular level. When you can set the intention to reduce stress and step out of your own way, life will unfold with you.

Whenever you feel challenged, consider whether you could be the biggest obstacle to achieving your maximum potential. When toxins weigh you down, they weigh you down on a body, mind, and soul level.

Awareness is the key to understanding your toxic patterns, and awareness will unlock the doors in the mind needed to create that radical shift. You don’t just have to live with stress and burnout!

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Jenny Johnson works for Brava Digital Marketing.

Dr. Bill Cole, Founder of the largest online functional medicine group of its kind, has created The Cellular Health Accelerator Program that helps people to get well, feel well, and age well. He has already helped to transform the lives of thousands and has spoken on stages across the nation. To learn more about his transformation program, you can visit his website.

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