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How to Use Social Media for the Positive While Forging the Social Media Renaissance

How to Use Social Media for the Positive While Forging the Social Media Renaissance

With the whirlwind, chaos, and amplification of the 24/7 news cycle, it is no surprise that audiences increasingly flock to social media to tune in with what is going on or simply to escape a few minutes for a mental release.

Social media is simply no longer an outlet for connection or keeping tabs on high-profile athletes or celebrities; it is now a daily resource for positivity, motivation, mindset, and education.

Today, social media platforms drive the global marketplace based on their ability to create a sense of community by generating cohesion levels that transcend geographical borders, age, time zones, and thousands of other variables.

At the forefront of this movement is Instagram, says Sherri Nourse, CEO of a full-service media marketing firm based in Los Angeles, California. Nourse has curated not just an agency but an empire of unique pages and an extended network of distinct Influencers, backed by a loyal following that reaches over 300,000,000 impressions per week. She also states:

Social media is a virtual tapestry wherein any user can find their niche.

So, what’s the secret behind the organic and exponential growth of its network? Authenticity and approachability. Indeed, authenticity is both overused and underutilized in the virtual space, but Ambition’s integration of authenticity across the spectrum of its digital footprint unequivocally resonates with their audiences.

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The cohesion and collaboration across the social media network are undeniable, stemming from influencers who both know and are actively supportive of one another.

Setting out to get results and not just funnel funds into social media, Sherri Nourse, along with her husband, Jerry Nourse, co-founded Ambition Media. Nourse states:

I realized the need for a results-based firm, and I also knew I needed big social pages with great engagement on Instagram and other social media platforms to make an impact.

Nourse quickly discovered that her anticipated sales results following an appearance in mainstream news publication never materialized. So, she reallocated her resources away from traditional publications and into her social media footprint:

Every one of today's brands, from a professional athlete to a large corporation or individuals, thrive from a powerful positive presence on social media.

Ambition’s notable clients include Lionsgate, Nike, FashionNova, Penske, GaryVee/VaynerMedia, Daniel Wellington, and Paul Rodriquez, just to name a few.

What is the secret ingredient allowing brands and individuals to skyrocket growth in the form of millions of engaged and authentic followers? Well, it stems from creative, consistent, and relevant content.

Influencers are consumers themselves; they resonate with other consumers who look to them for entertainment, fashion, product recommendations, and more. By promoting influencer content, brands provide reach to new audiences with social proof from reputable, trusted sources.

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Nourse has learned through experience how to find and vet influencers with highly targeted results at a reasonable cost on a consistent basis. "Branded content” no longer draws the attention of the consumer; when they see branded content they swipe right and move to the next post that will provide them with entertainment education and lifestyle.

There is a demand to expand brands' digital footprints and build relationships with new audiences through curating customized creative social media content that is posted on trusted organic pages. Whereas traditional advertising worked well for decades, brands now find ultimate success by generating cultural relevance and meeting consumers where they hang out for hours each day.

Social media has dramatically altered how our culture functions, and social media audiences now serve as very effective, efficient, and prolific innovators of culture. Nourse states that companies need to tap into these audiences’ power by reverse engineering - starting with what the consumer wants and needs, then working backward to create a plan for the brand that organically feeds into the target audience’s culture.

Capitalizing on the newly-formed marketplace aspect of social media has not been the only tip Nourse has taken away from her work over years. With the following she has built herself on social media, Sherri Nourse uses her position to help businesses and entrepreneurs evolve by offering daily tips and words of encouragement through her platforms.

Nourse's biggest tip, however, is a simple one:

Education, hard work, endless dedication even when times get tough. Realizing that you never go straight up, but sideways, upside down and backward, before up.

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Kate Yedi helps people craft compelling stories to build great personal brand image and elevate their authority online.

Ambition Media is creating a new movement to operate and navigate social media with a positive client-centered focus, innovative mindset, and uniquely refined marketing strategies.

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