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Young in Sales: Advice From Leaders for Leaders

Young in Sales: Advice From Leaders for Leaders

It’s official! Generation Z is the largest generation in America, making up 26% of the total population. These digital natives are changing the entire landscape of the economy and perhaps, it’s for the better.

As Gen-Z’ers step into leadership positions in the workplace, these young people are disrupting everything from social networks to mobile systems to old-fashioned sales systems. They are radically defiant, highly inclusive, and doggedly believe in their ability to impact the world. This hypercognitive generation is creating a culture centered around global interconnectedness, independence, and digital entrepreneurship.

We all could take a page out of their books, especially when it comes to keeping up with selling in the digital age. For one Gen-Z entrepreneur, Jared Curry, the founder of Scope Marketing and co-founder of 6 Figure Agency Elite, who manages millions of dollars of ad spend and has experience in working with an all-female sales team, success is all about carving out the future you envision. Let’s look at four lessons from the generation that’s single-handedly changing the face of sales.

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Lesson 1: Don’t define yourself.

When I label Generation Z as hypercognitive, I mean they know how to pull information from multiple platforms quickly and efficiently. This allows them to run 6-7 figure companies on a global scale all from their laptops (like on a mountain in Fiji).

They have a knack for seamlessly integrating the virtual experience with the offline experience which has a hand in creating their limitless capacity. Jarred Curry should know. He is one of these digital success stories and he found sales success at a young age, simply by not defining himself. He says:

When you don’t know where the boundaries are, there is no cap on what you are capable of.

And this could not be more true, because with uncertainty comes unlimited possibility. Renee-Clare Slepek, one of Jared’s sales advisors, agrees. She says:

With great effort comes great rewards, and in sales, the possibilities are endless.

For Jared, not defining yourself is about staying open to the creative solutions that will fix your problems. If you’re looking to start an online business, Jared’s first recommendation is to build a team of professionals around the globe:

Because of Zoom, I had an elite team of 10-15 people from all over the world sharing diverse perspectives that keep our company culture fresh!

Building a team with people from different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and sexualities will give you a creative advantage, especially in the realm of sales. Jared’s radically inclusive mindset also allows him to be a more empathetic, well-rounded, and connected sales leader.

And the company’s diverse portfolio reflects Jared’s mindset.

Lesson 2: Be radically inclusive.

Being inclusive is about having the most qualified candidate for your team and leaving the biases at the door. Jared also happens to be the youngest person at his company. Clearly, this is one Gen Z’er who isn’t afraid of learning from his elders.

Jared says:

Being the youngest person at my company doesn’t bother me. My team respects me for what I bring as a leader and age has no reflection on my worth.

For Jared, building a team that reflects his authentic principles, goals, and values is the most important decision when hiring. This allows him to lose the nerves over his age. It’s more important to carry yourself like a leader. And remember, age is just a number.

When you are interconnected with a number of divergent truths, your team, as well as your business’s success, will be a reflection of your open mind.

But how do you cultivate authenticity in your company?

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Lesson 3: Be a conversationalist.

Authenticity, especially in sales, requires that you be a conversationalist — someone who can openly communicate with anyone. And when you are the leader of an authentic team, open lines of communication allow you to know what drives your team.

Jared knows, for instance, that what drives Renee-Clare is financial independence. Renee-Clare says:

The advice I would give to other women going into sales is that being financially independent is the best gift you can give to yourself.

And Senior Sales Advisor Esme Montes really likes a challenge. She says:

Mistakes and failure are part of the learning curve and if you aren’t pushing yourself out of your comfort zone you’re playing it too safe.

Jared says:

I want to know what motivates my team. I want to know where their drive comes from. I want to know what excites them about waking up in the morning. Knowing my team has built trust and rapport between everyone and this allows them to know me as their leader.

Indeed, you cannot lead anyone if you do not know their personal motivations and what they are offering your company. Being a new leader is hard, but if you’re struggling, fall back on the belief that you hired amazing people to help you through it.

Being a leader who focuses on clear, direct communication encourages your tribe to reach just a little higher. And when you create an environment centered on realistic goals, you can increase your revenue by a lot.

Lesson 4: Live life pragmatically.

Being a pragmatist and creating realistic goals is not easy. You, as a leader, must be grounded in your own goals before you can inspire your team to be believers rather than dreamers.

Jared will tell you:

The trick to being a realistic leader is teaching your team to not be hungry for the sale.

In sales, the hungry person will not get fed.

Instead, return to your authenticity. People connect with someone who is living their truth and sharing their story. Jared Curry did not get to where he was simply by being of Generation Z, but he has leveraged the advantages that have come through his hard work.

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Aleksandra Mihajlovska a theater actress and communications professional. She uses theater tools to work on personal and creative development of people of all ages, with a specific focus on youngsters, girls, and marginalized groups. She leads workshops on communication, conflict resolution, intercultural dialogue, and advocacy through arts.

Jared Curry is a 19 year old, 7-figure business owner. After scaling his business Scope Marketing to 7 figures, he moved on to the next project: 6 Figure Agency Elite Coaching Program. He partnered with Billy Willson, whose student he used to be. Together they are offering a new coaching program for agency owners teaching them how to scale their business. To learn more and join the new program that Jared offers with Billy, please check here.

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