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How to Double or Triple the Results You Get From a Single Effort

How to Double or Triple the Results You Get From a Single Effort

One of my ongoing company clients is Columbia Business School – I lead the career curriculum for their Executive Program in Management (EPM). This is a hybrid live/online certification program for experienced professionals (median of 18+ years of experience).

The participants have busy day jobs, and the program includes multiple work streams in general management, finance, innovation, etc. In other words, my career portion is just one of many requirements to fulfill.

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These busy, already accomplished professionals are pushing their limits to complete this program for a variety of reasons – to update their skills, to have an Ivy League brand in their profile, to meet executives from all over the world.

Completing the program gives them multiple ways to advance their career with a single effort. In my work with the EPM participants (and my private clients), one of the things I coach them on is how to squeeze even more results out of the same effort.

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In the case of my EPM clients, this means curating key insights from the classes they are already taking for professional development to post on social media (thereby improving their brand), connecting their classmates with their existing connections (thereby improving their network), and bringing back key insights to their companies to share with their teams (thereby improving their in-house prospects).

Your existing job already keeps you very busy. Working on your career adds yet another to-do. Invest your efforts where you can get an outsized return. Otherwise, you will get far less done and may burn out in the process.

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Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a longtime Ellevate member whose mission is helping experienced professionals in tech, media, financial services, and other industries find work they love, earn more doing it, and achieve FI (financial independence). Visit the Dream Career Club to learn more. She is a Senior Contributor to Forbes Leadership and has appeared on CNN, CBS, and other media on job market issues.

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