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Five DIY Ways to Empower Difficult Decision-Making

Five DIY Ways to Empower Difficult Decision-Making

When faced with a challenging choice, many of us freeze. We don’t want to take responsibility for what we believe may happen, and often we envision an end game that is filled with problems or fails.

Decision-making is difficult because it is unknown until it is chosen. There is risk involved. Which is exactly why developing strong habits regarding how we manage change builds our self-leadership muscle and in turn affects all aspects of our lives. There is no change without choice, no growth without selection, and limited traction when we default to others, or simply don’t decide.

The good news is that decision-making is a power tool that we all possess. It begins with a simple elimination of this over that, yet it can also encompass aspects of multiple things rather than a single stand-alone choice.

Picture a menu of options available. Let go of that menu being set in stone or overwhelming, and instead opt into what is possible. By leading our choices rather than running from the selection process, we better align our lives, get closer to our goals, and develop a skill set that enables us to manage every aspect of our business or personal endeavors.

Making some tough choices? Try this!

And…what else?

One of the reasons that we get stuck in the first place is that we often feel that the only choice we may have is between this OR that. While this is sometimes the case, expanding the scope of our decisions can empower us to choose more readily.

When faced with a decision that seems overwhelming, asking ourselves “and what else?” allows for a bit of a self-negotiation on the topic. This approach widens the lens of what is possible and in so doing uplifts us with options that may otherwise have been missed.

Allowing this expansion of thought will often clarify what is most important while moving us closer to options that align and elevate us.

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Pros vs. Cons.

Make a list of likes and dislikes about a possible choice. When mapped out as positives vs. negatives, it is often easier to reveal which of our options expands us and supports our growth and renewal, and which may contract us and keep us playing smaller.

This simple list can often unearth any fears that may be hiding behind our storytelling. As humans, we often see what is not possible before we admit to what is. Dividing out our choices according to what we like and what we don’t permits us to change this narrative.

Be sure to read the list out loud in front of a mirror. This simple trick will support decision-making because when we can hear and bring our options to life, we unmask the energy and possibility behind those choices, making our options crystalize more easily.

Create a daily decision log.

A daily decision log housed in a simple notebook is a habit altering tool for staying accountable to the concept of consistent choice. Set aside a dedicated notebook to physically write down the myriad of daily decisions made.

This notebook can serve as a go-to resource for decision-making and a place to record pros and cons, possibilities, and real life thoughts around those ideas. Using this “choice journal" idea for a few weeks will unearth and empower an array of decisions and every choice will become easier and more organic in the process.

This is a great way to expand options and to celebrate successes. It will also keep accountability in check and results documented while allowing decisions to be spot on and in the moment.

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Imagine the worst.

While not an uplifting way to make decisions, reverse engineering the possible outcomes shifts the energy around the stories we weave.

Most of us get stuck when we don’t know what may happen next. By revealing the very worst, we open the door to the rest of the story, which is more than likely a good one once lived.

If we know the worst, we shake the fear away and allow the choice to happen and play out in real time.

Become a decision architect.

Choice reveals itself in layers. Most things we opt into or out of are not stand-alone decisions. Decision-making is at the foundation of every change in our lives.

Rarely do we flip the switch and create instant success or failure. By empowering ourselves to build upon our choices as if we are constructing a house, we allow in creativity, commitment, and the ability to update and shift our decisions repeatedly as warranted.

If we take ownership of our vision, we allow ourselves to create, curate, and recalibrate it daily.

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As a transitional life strategist and reinvention expert, Randi Levin supports founders, emerging entrepreneurs, and women in various life transitions in redefining success and legacy as power tools for change.

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