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How to Spend Less Time on Your Marketing and Get More Results

How to Spend Less Time on Your Marketing and Get More Results

Marketing is an absolute must when it comes to making your business work. That being said, there are mistakes that can make your marketing efforts less efficient. I will share with you just how to avoid these, and how to make your marketing efforts more fruitful.

Keep it simple.

When it comes to marketing, it can be easy to be swept up in the current trends and what we assume will work. For example, if you spend most of your time on Instagram, you may find yourself trying to follow every trend or do the exact same as other businesses are doing to see results.

Although it may work for some, it may not work for you! You have a different business with different goals, so do not assume that what they do will work for you. Instead of comparing yourself to others and their marketing efforts, focus on yourself. What do your clients want to see? How can you better serve your audience? By checking your analytics, you can be sure to enjoy better results.

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Set boundaries.

We have all heard it: We need to set boundaries to enjoy a life that is less stressful and more enjoyable. Well, the same can be said about your business! If you find yourself spending too much time on your phone, scrolling endlessly, and wasting time on ineffective “marketing,” you won’t see results as quickly.

Instead of spending too much time online, stressing out about it, burning yourself out because of your lack of work-life balance, you won’t have enough energy and time to spend on marketing strategies that really work. The goal of marketing is to grow your business and to increase your visibility.

So, dedicate your time to mindful marketing - namely by having a content calendar, educating and engaging with your audience, having a set working schedule where you respond to clients, and blocking times to relax.

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Keep going at it.

A third mistake that many small entrepreneurs make when it comes to their marketing is spending too much time worrying about their metrics, therefore, giving up altogether too quickly. Patience is key with marketing. You have to stick to the goals you have set up and must keep up with your tasks.

For example, if you have a blog, do not be discouraged if you posted an article and it didn’t get many replies. It’s a huge step if you can really serve one person. Similarly, if you are active on your social media but do not see immediate results, keep going at it and create meaningful content that provides your clients with real value. Your audience will not build itself up within a few days or weeks. It takes a bit more time! But you’re getting there.

Ultimately, marketing is both a game of providing value to your target audience and doing something that you enjoy. If you are too busy worrying about your marketing efforts, taking a step back can help. Keep going, and you’ll see your efforts be rewarded!

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Julie Zhu is a NYC-based marketing consultant. She helps female entrepreneurs and creatives simplify their marketing and skyrocket their visibility in 90 days or less with her 3-step system without having to spend hours creating content. She has been featured in Forbes, Authority Magazine, and Addicted 2 Success. She loves jazz, Agatha Christie audiobooks, and matcha ice cream. To supercharge your brand, check out her free workbook here.

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