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Working Moms: How to Turn Your Know-How Into a Side Hustle

Working Moms: How to Turn Your Know-How Into a Side Hustle

If you’re a mom, chances are pretty good you spend a sizable chunk of your week with your children. Coming home from a long day at the office to be greeted with smiles and chirping voices talking about school and extracurriculars makes all the day’s woes well worth it.

Like your career, parenting is an investment – arguably the most important investment you’ll ever make – and taking the time to instill positive ideas and helpful emotional tools in your children, so they impact the world in a positive way, is vital to both your success and theirs. And when it comes to putting “good in” so you get “good out,” children’s books and stories are a critical tool in any mom’s toolkit.

If you find yourself struggling to find stories to share with your kids, or can’t source books that fit your voracious young reader’s interests, why not write one yourself? After all, you know your child best, and what interests them is bound to engage other parents and children all over the world. And a side hustle grown out of sharing stories with impact never hurts.

Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream publisher Jason Kutasi says:

The best books for children are books written with a purpose. When parents choose to bring meaningful and educational stories into their homes, it allows a child to grow into the best version of themselves.

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Purposeful parenting.

Think about the last time your child picked up a book without being coerced by a parent or a teacher. You probably wanted to find a million more books just like that one, just so your child would keep practicing their reading skills without the endless nagging you often have to employ. The challenge is finding the time to research those books and find titles that fit the bill in every way. Kutasi says:

That’s why more parents should consider writing their own kid-friendly, kid-oriented stories. We’re looking for writers right now, especially parents who have written books that teach valuable lessons and engage kids. Our favorite writers to work with are parents, because they are so tuned into what children should and need to read.

Even if you don’t consider yourself the most compelling storyteller in the world, writing down the stories you tell your children, or want to tell your children, is a simple step in making a world of difference for your child.

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Teaching lifelong lessons – with ease.

While your children might groan and roll their eyes as you try to teach them the values and priorities that will help them lead the best life possible, it’s really easy to sneak those nuggets of gold into a page-turning story. Kutasi says:

All you have to do is start writing. I’ve worked with authors who are doctors or psychologists and those who could never have imagined actually writing a book before. I can guarantee parents have more skills than they know when it comes to writing a book – communication is the biggest one, and they’ve got that down by virtue of their parenting skills.

Additionally, the editing process is just as important to the path to publication as the writing process. If you’re writing a book you know your child will love, but you’re not sure just how much they’ll love it, why not let them edit the first draft? Helping with Mom’s side hustle is a task that will never get old, and you’ll enter into the publishing process with a feeling of relief that at least one child enjoys the story you chose to tell. Kutasi says:

Some children are really picky readers. We always know we’ve hit the jackpot when our books resonate with children and with parents. And who better to write that story than a parent herself?

As a parent, you know what your child loves to read and the kinds of life lessons you want them to learn. Why not take all that parenting know-how and craft a difference-making side hustle that can equip other parents to share purposeful stories with their children? The extra income doesn’t hurt, either. Kutasi says:

Having a go-to source for stories children can learn from and parents love is why we founded PDIC. We love bringing in parents who write books from their own experiences and their children’s. Their stories are powerful and they resonate with thousands of families, as well. If you’ve ever thought about writing a children’s book, now is definitely the time to pursue it.

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Madeline Fusato-Zammit is a communications professional with a passion for storytelling, personal and brand development, and helping businesses and entrepreneurs stand out and thrive in their niche.

Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream is a small, independent children’s book publisher based in San Diego, CA. They offer a publishing alternative to the traditional publishing model, which benefits authors and customers alike. They have a strong belief in supporting American business, and all of their books are printed in the United States.

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