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How Self-Love Translates to Wealth for Female Entrepreneurs

How Self-Love Translates to Wealth for Female Entrepreneurs

Nurturing yourself with self-love is beneficial in every aspect of life, especially if you're an entrepreneur. Though the entrepreneurial journey inevitably is a rollercoaster of highs and lows, it doesn't mean you must succumb to stress, struggles, and self-blame.

It's vital to replenish by prioritizing yourself, reveling in self-love, setting boundaries, and trusting yourself fully. Three female entrepreneurs share how they've grown to love themselves unequivocally and how this has translated to wealth and success in their businesses.

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Prioritizing yourself is not selfish.

The best way to show self-love is to establish self-care. Taking care of ourselves should always be our top priority. Eating correctly and moving our bodies is a start to this process, but there is much more to it. Self-love begins with stepping up your self-care rituals. When you feel burned out, it's up to you to replenish yourself and figure out what you need to feel rejuvenated.

Brooke Rozmenoski, the owner of Beets and Babes, does not believe prioritizing yourself is selfish: it's necessary. "When you feel your best physically and mentally, then you will show up your best," she said. When we put ourselves first, we can optimize our internal superpowers.

Rozmenoski built her career on self-love and putting needs first because "running yourself to the ground is not a sustainable business model." Prioritizing yourself is less about "finding time" and more about prioritizing where your energy is going. Taking an hour a day for yourself allows you to be more present in your business.

Amber Valdez, a TV personality turned life purpose cheerleader and intuitive coach, expresses similar sentiments and reminds herself of this daily when running her business. "If entrepreneurs don't make self-love-soul-care practices their top priority, they will suffer burn out quickly, which creates depression, resentment, disease, and disharmony in their relationships, finances, business, leadership, and world," she said. She teaches her students that self-care equals self-love, which equals self-worth. Self-worth is the fuel to live your purpose.

Set boundaries.

Setting boundaries is an essential aspect of running any business and ensures you aren't letting others take advantage of you. Boundaries establish the capacity of what you can handle without sacrificing your morals and standards.

"This could be with your time or what you commit to, but not working in alignment can leave you personally feeling burned out, stuck, and even resentful," said Rozmenoski. There's a saying that you can't pour from an empty cup. Being able to set boundaries will make sure that no one is stealing your happiness.

Valdez often asks her clients: "Where in your life are you saying yes and meaning no? Where can you start to say no more to create healthy boundaries that are essential for epic self-love and epic success?"

She believes this is vital for female entrepreneurs who struggle to find the confidence and self-love they need to give themselves. She still has moments where she overdoes it and has weakened boundaries by saying yes when she should be saying no. However, she realizes that it's necessary to be aware and shift back into alignment when this happens.

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Trust yourself.

If something doesn't feel right to you, then most likely it isn't right. There are so many factors in life that cause stress and anxiety already; the best thing you can do is listen to your internal dialect and trust that feeling you are getting within you to figure out your decisions and next steps.

When you're feeling unsure, scared, or insecure, Valdez recommends giving yourself a pep talk, even physically, by looking in the mirror. "Being your own biggest cheerleader is the ultimate form of self-love, because the approval and love we are all looking for are never outside of ourselves, and it is always within," she said.

You know yourself and your vision better than anyone. We are given intuition for a reason. Trust yourself to take the steps that may be scary. "Feeling fear is natural, but instead of turning down the things that may scare you, try to dig into why they may be there," said Rozmenoski. "The more you can trust yourself and remind yourself you are capable, the more those working with or investing with you will charge you."

Dig down deep, listen to yourself, and replenish your spirits whenever you need to -- these steps should lead you to self-love and the path toward abundance for you and your business.

Stop comparing and competing.

We often avoid or fear connecting and building relationships with other women, especially entrepreneurs we look up to. We often put them on a pedestal or create narratives in our heads about how they are nothing like us and why their life or business is unattainable for us.

Lauren Salaun, a PR and marketing consultant and CEO of Influence+Impact, believes we create an unnecessary division between ourselves and our peers. "Imposter syndrome, while rooted in questioning our self-worth, is often closely connected to comparison, looking at someone and saying or thinking things like "If she can do it, why can't I?" she said. Most women deal with these feelings even with their own friends, whom they love, respect, and admire.

"Imposter syndrome and comparison are both so connected to our self-worth and are very low-vibration scarcity mindsets," said Salaun. "For anyone struggling with either of these, remember that you are enough, and you are exactly where you're supposed to be."

To combat these feelings of worthlessness, eliminate the competition and reach out to re-establish the connection. With social media, we often forget that the underlying message is to be social. "People are on social media to connect with others, yes, often for business reasons, but even if it's about business, an authentic human-to-human connection is at the core," Salaun expressed. This adds value and offers genuine support. Remember that you are enough just as you are. You do not need to prove your worth to anyone, including yourself.

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