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How Physical Health Translates to Financial Wealth for Entrepreneurs

How Physical Health Translates to Financial Wealth for Entrepreneurs

Physical exercise and movement aren't just for the body; they are imperative daily activities to achieve better business results. However, it isn't just about jumping on a treadmill or occasionally lifting weights: to be successful, you have to make changes within yourself.

Physical health is so much more than how you look outside: It correlates with how you feel on the inside. Three entrepreneurs below explain how they have earned financial wealth through keeping themselves physically healthy.

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More energy and productivity.

By adding exercise and healthy eating into your everyday routine, you become more energized and productive. "When you approach your work with more energy and more productivity from your physical health improving, you will get more accomplished in a day than you normally would, and therefore increase your chances for financial success," said Danielle Gray, CEO of Train Like a Gymnast. "Sometimes, just having a little extra energy to get what needs to get done completed can make all the difference."

It would help if you allowed yourself to create more energy to get through tasks, to feel productive and accomplished. This happens only by providing your body with the correct nutrients to give you that energy boost to help you get through the day. Exercise allows your body to release endorphins, which are not only natural pain relievers, but also upbeat and energizing feelings.

Tonya Mann, a John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach, lives by the same mentality. "When you're not taking care of yourself, it's impossible to show up fully, and that always impacts your bottom line," she said. "By adding daily walks during your break, fueling your body with a nourishing meal, and adding a sweet sesh with friends, you can use the endorphins to help change your mood and get out of your head to allow the following big ideas to come through."

Creates a community.

The fitness industry creates a community and space for everyone. After all, having a motivation and accountability partner is essential, both inside and outside the gym. It's also essential to find someone who can help do the workout, who laughs alongside you, and people you can meet to make connections for things outside of just a workout class.

Barre and Pilates instructor Tara Riley pivoted her business plan during the pandemic to create a prosperous online community with those who felt alone while quarantining at home. "The majority of my clients jumped online with me, no questions asked, and many even upped their fitness game from one or two classes a week to four or five," she said. Previously she hadn't considered online workouts because she hadn't seen the worth. Still, the pandemic necessitated an online option, which created a new intimate community space for her clients.

"I have made tons of connections and gotten a bunch of entrepreneurial opportunities from meeting people at workouts, gyms, or events," said Gray. "Be it a podcast interview, new clients, press features, market research, or exclusive invites, investing in your physical fitness can pay off through new relationships."

As an entrepreneur, Mann built her business to give clients a sacred community to feel comfortable. She believes, long-term, the benefits you'll see in your life and your business will be worth it - showing up more consistently, building mental and physical strength, making great connections, and feeling more and more confident over time.

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Improves mental capacity.

The new and improved energy you generate will allow you to improve your mental capacity healthily. You'll be able to give your mind more time to consume positive thoughts rather than the negative and stresses that often pervades. The mind will have the ability to think more clearly and creatively. When the mind is less clouded, you'll have better judgment and make decisions for your business more rationally.

Gray believes that you can focus on personal development to become a better leader when adding healthy tasks into your routine. She suggests that "through physical fitness, many other benefits occur personally, such as better quality sleep or better moods, which can improve familial or romantic relationships. When your entire lifestyle starts to shift, you will notice a lot of the puzzle pieces falling into place naturally."

Riley agrees with Gray that physical fitness can enhance your creativity and concentration and improve your mental health and overall happiness. Most entrepreneurs are already overextended throughout the day and feel there's no time to fit in these healthy habits. Many studies show that regular exercise can improve energy levels and boost brain health, including cognitive function and memory.

Consciously make it a habit.

If we can normalize weaving workouts into our busy entrepreneurial lives, it will become a habit and not be a burden. Also, make it fun and enjoy preparing for fitness. Dr. Dana Wang, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, working at Rivia Mind, believes that exercise can be simple - without involving special equipment and being something we can add into our daily work routine.

"I find myself arriving at insight into a problem that I didn't think of. It's also a quiet time for me to be away from other demands or social roles I play," she said. "Studies have also confirmed that when we walk, we can strengthen our core, which I think is especially important for women before or after childbirth."

"Most of us have dreamed of just waking up and loving to work out," said mother, consultant, and entrepreneur Rossalvi Marte. She often purchases outfits that she feels confident working out in to feel better equipped for workouts. "Don't do it for losing weight or just toning up," she said. "Do it because you want this as part of your life because you understand that your brain will work at a higher capacity and allow you to have better results internally and externally."

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