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Embracing Gratitude

Embracing Gratitude

Did you know that the better you feel, the easier and more joyful your life becomes? Whether you look at this in terms of having high vibrations and attracting other high vibration experiences in your life. Or you can look at this as when you feel well, you have more energy, you have more patience, you have more bandwidth, and such to apply to your life. Or just as feeling well is all that matters.

The important point is that we want to feel well, happy. The better we feel, the better. Here's to feeling better by embracing gratitude.

There are a multitude of ways to make ourselves feel better, but what better way this season than with grace, gratitude, and generosity?

Not only are these amazing character strengths to embrace and rejoice with during the holiday season, but they are great character strengths to develop and embrace all year round. These are great characteristics to cultivate through our personal development work for increased wellbeing.

In part one of this series we covered giving grace.

Today in part two, we’ll focus on embracing gratitude.

Embracing gratitude is a wonderful antidote for dispelling fear, anxiety, anger, and the like. Our brain can’t be in a triggered state and in a gratitude state at the same time.

This is one of the reasons we start all our sessions with appreciations, where partners get to share what they appreciate about the other and what the other has done or how they’ve been since the prior session.

  • Focusing on the yummy stuff also invites more yummy stuff. It reinforces that what the other is doing or how they are showing up is appreciated, which serves as a reward and incentive.
  • It sets a different tone to the session. There is a shift to a pro relationship mindset.
  • It curves the negativity bias and helps reprogram it.
  • And, other goodies.

All these benefits are just within the context of a therapy session, and within its first few minutes. Imagine what an impact appreciation and gratitude can have in your life as an ongoing practice.

For now, let’s embrace gratitude for the next few weeks by expanding your gratitude practice, and reap three coveted benefits in the process.

Watch this video to learn how to expand your gratitude practice and about the benefits you get as a result.

APPLICATION: The feeling of gratitude is one of those super feelings that is easy to generate and has a wonderful impact on our wellbeing, our life, and the world at large. Embracing gratitude with a gratitude practice built into our lifestyle is key to really integrate this potent elixir into our life.

Select one or more tactics below to really play with in the coming weeks.

Appreciation habit.

We tend to have negativity bias in how we view everything. This is the worst thing to allow to flourish if you are interested in creating a radiant and successful life.

Create a time in your daily routine where you get to spend a few minutes sharing appreciations and acknowledging your partner's investment in making your relationship, home, and life more awesome.

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Thankfulness lens.

First thing upon waking, put on a thankfulness lens.

Set the intention to notice the beauty in your life and world, see the positive and opportunities in situations, recognize the good intention behind others' actions.

Be thankful for all these treasures.

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Honoring differences.

We live in a world where homogeneousness is valued, or rather where differences are not really tolerated. How about deciding not to contribute to polarizing views, beliefs, perspectives, actions, and general approach to life?

Notice where you are intolerant, prejudice, inflexible, judgmental, and the like and decide now to widen your views and approach.

Choose three behaviors you can integrate into your life to loosen the usual limiting grip and transmute this wasted energy. This applies to political views, friendships, in-laws, children, and your partner.

Embracing gratitude is a wonderful sentiment to add to our holiday season and merriment. Additionally, being grateful is a potent character strength that when harnessed within a gratitude practice becomes a powerful tool for creating an amazing relationship and gorgeous life.

This one is a keeper!

Wishing you much joy, connection, and love today and always.

With much love and light!

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Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT is the Founder and Director of Metropolitan Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC, a private practice that specializes in working with couples. She is the creator of the MetroRelationship philosophy and the Successful Couple Strategy that help couples succeed at their relationship and their life. To stay connected with her and receive weekly connection notes in your inbox with personal development and relationship enrichment insights and strategies, visit

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