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5 Action Steps to Take This Women’s History Month

5 Action Steps to Take This Women’s History Month

Are you galvanized by this year’s Women’s History Month, but aren’t sure how to take action? Follow our top tips below!

Be a part of EllevateHer Forward.

According to the National Women’s Law Center, as of February 2022, women continue to fall behind men in recouping labor force losses due to ongoing lack of resources and support.

So what’s next for the one million women who have left or lost their jobs? How can you help them return to work?

Through EllevateHER Forward, a fellowship granting fund, you can sponsor a woman so she can gain access to the right tools and resources for her to find a career that she loves.

Click here to make a difference and contribute today.

Alternatively, if you’re one of the one million women still looking for a job with the pay and work-balance you need, you can apply to be an EllevateHER Forward fellow and get access to the resources you deserve and the people who will guide you on your return to work journey.

Click here to apply to be an EllevateHER Forward Fellow today.

Finally, if you know someone who has been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, pass on the love by letting them know about the EllevateHER Forward Fellowship.

Send them this link for more information about EllevateHER Forward.

Join a Roundtable.

Believe it or not, there are groups of women ready to listen to your story and talk honestly about what’s happening at work. Spending just one hour a week with them can help you grow your confidence, your business, your leadership skills, and so much more. You’ll also support other women in return!

Be a part of the chain of support by joining our weekly Rising Leaders, Executive, Career Changers, or Entrepreneur Roundtables.

Click here to find the perfect Roundtable for you.

Meet up with your local community.

Attend one of our local Chapter events to meet with women in your area for intimate, thought-provoking discussions about the challenges we all face. This is the perfect time to really build the strength of your connections, as you’ll meet with the same faces at a regular cadence.

Click here to find your local community.

Come to a Holding Space forum for support.

When the world feels like it’s on fire...join us in talking through specific challenges related to the intersectionality of your experience.

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a Black woman, or a seasoned professional, there’s a Holding Space community waiting for you. We’re working hard at creating more curated spaces for the many intersectional identities within our community, so watch this space for more updates to come!

Click here to attend a Holding Space event.

Secure your spot at Mobilize Women to keep the conversation going all year.

Ellevate’s sixth annual Mobilize Women Summit is happening June 8th and early registration is now open! We’ll be tackling topics like:

  • The Ripple Effect of Women-Owned Unicorns
  • Combating Performative Allyship
  • Why They Stay: Companies’ Role in Employee Wellbeing
  • Changing Landscape of Mental Health
  • Gender, Minorities and Changes in the Law

Be the first to hear more news about this year’s agenda, confirmed speakers, and our International Woman of Change Award.

Click here to reserve your free ticket.


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