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Change or Get Out of the Way

Change or Get Out of the Way

“The only constant in life is change.” -Heraclitus

While this is a quote that most people resist, there is hard truth to it. Change is inevitable. Change happens to us every day from the cellular levels in our body to the world views and experiences that we have. Change happens not just within us, but in the world around us everyday, too.

As a society, the pace at which recognized change has occurred has accelerated rapidly and has required us all to evaluate our actions (or reactions) in some way, shape or form. When the lockdown began in March of 2020, we all shifted into survival mode and changed the way we worked, socialized, shopped, consumed information, and more. 

Rapid change continues with the increase in social justice movements, political conflict, mass shootings and violence, and more. Now years later, we find ourselves at a crossroads to determine what it is that we really need and what it is that we really want. 

While many continue to resist change, a large part of our society is embracing it in new ways and are seeking to not just survive, but to thrive, embracing what possibilities the future holds.

The Great Resignation and Great Reshuffle are proof points of this. People are changing and demanding more. The workplace has to change along with them or businesses and leaders will fail. We can no longer assume that “what worked before will work again,” because what was before will never be the same again. People, work environments, leadership needs, and business are all just different and will never go back to what it was before.

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While life is very different, one thing remains the same: people need people. We all want to feel valued, heard and understood. We want to grow and make a positive impact. We want to lead and we want to be led. Juliette Meunier, EY Americas Technology People Advisory Services Leader states that it’s critical for leaders to prioritize two critical skills that can be lost in our virtual world: empathy and being present. She says:

If there was ever a time for strong leadership, it is now. Leaders need to focus on the well-being of their people and be super connectors. With the ‘Great Resignation,’ it’s critical for leaders to stay close to their employees and to help their teams stay connected in a virtual world.

As leaders, we must consider what change is necessary for your company, team, and individuals to be able to thrive. While change is inevitable, the need for great leadership is a requirement. By focusing on your own leadership style - and offering leadership coaching and  training to your employees - you will create a culture of empathy, mindfulness, inspiration and growth. You will ensure that people feel valued, feel heard, and feel understood. You’ll ensure that people will find more meaning and purpose in their work lives which will result in greater productivity, greater creativity, greater engagement and of course greater loyalty.

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The great reset.

To embrace change, to inspire others, to shift in the direction that this new world is moving, leaders must consider the following:

  1. Who is on your team (not names, but asking who are they really deep down inside)?
  2. What do they really need to feel satisfied?
  3. How can you support them in moving from here to there (wherever there is)?

Once you have those answers, consider offering coaching, providing new leadership development programs and offer mentoring programs to your organization. A small and focused investment will pay dividends for the future of your team and for your organization.

The time is now.

Now is the time to invest in your people.

Now is the time to ask the tough questions.

Now is the time to listen more than talk.

Now is the time to consider not just the parts but also the whole.

Now is the time to embrace change.

Now is the time to become the leader that you are meant to be.

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Tami Chapek is the founder and head coach of WeInspireWe – a unique international executive leadership and career coaching organization dedicated to supporting leaders, regardless of title or tenure, in their plight to rise up beyond their current state and amplify their impact on the world around them. Tami has over 20 years of corporate experience in team and individual coaching, marketing and advertising. 

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