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Our Favorite Mobilize Women Quotes

Our Favorite Mobilize Women Quotes

As we gear up for the  seventh edition of Mobilize Women, let's look back at some of our favorite quotes from Summits past.

"We all have to help each other because it’s going to have to come from us. We can’t wait for the men." -Romy Newman, Mobilize Women 2017

"From an economic perspective, women have borne the brunt of not being treated decently." -Shamina Singh, Mobilize Women 2021

"Every opportunity I’ve ever gotten has been through my network. Without building my network and then sustaining it by adding value to their lives, I wouldn’t have made any of the moves I’ve made." -Neha Gandhi, Mobilize Women 2018

"My response to racism and bigotry is to take the road not traveled. My action is to pursue my dream without hesitation or fear. To put myself in spaces where one normally wouldn’t find someone who looks like me. And then to announce in the only way that I can that I am here, and you will get used to it because you will see more women who look like me." -Hannah Beachler, Mobilize Women 2019

"I don’t think I’m a hero for being transgender. It’s just at thing you do; it’s been part of the human species for time immortal." -Erika Ervin, Mobilize Women 2017

"You are skilled, capable, talented - you deserve to be a leader, and you are enough. Leaning in can be uncomfortable, so don’t be afraid to own your seat, lean back, and kick your feet up." -Joy Fitzgerald, Mobilize Women 2018

"I don't need your sympathy. The only thing you need to do is stop being ableist." -Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Mobilize Women 2021

"We wait for people to speak the truth that we’re supposed to speak. It’s a decision to speak the truth, it’s not instinctual." -Luvvie Ajayi, Mobilize Women 2019

"Innovation depends on interpersonal relationships. You need to know the right people to present your idea to who will push your idea through. A lot of innovation is floating around but won’t ever appear on the right desk." -Alex Friedman, Mobilize Women 2017

"When I meet someone who says they don’t need eight hours of sleep, it’s like meeting someone who doesn’t believe in evolution. You need sleep. Go to bed at the right time." -Mike Steib, Mobilize Women 2018

"You really drive change when leaders have an awareness of inequality and an understanding where inequality happens. If a leader doesn’t get it, you’re lost. Have the courageous conversation about who and where inequality lies and make these conversations an ongoing process." -Michelle King, Mobilize Women 2017

"Yes, I am fighting, and I deserve rest. You can have both, and it's not a binary." -Katrina Jones, Mobilize Women 2021

"It’s not about your comfort - it’s about using your voice to tell stories. Be uncomfortable, be brave, especially now. I can’t worry about likeability; f*ck likeability. This is a time to be unapologetically powerful. The PRESENT is female." -Debra Messing, Mobilize Women 2018

"Ask yourself who's not at the table...and then make the table accessible." -Emily Ladau, Mobilize Women 2019

"DEI was the nice thing to do. It then became the right thing to do — and then the business case evolved. The business case is clear that it’s going to help organizations get to a better place." -Nellie Borerro, Mobilize Women 2017

"You move in the world differently, you occupy space differently when you understand that your body is powerful." -Rana Abdelhamid, Mobilize Women 2021

"We have to fight for what we deserve, not what we think we can win." -DeRay McKesson, Mobilize Women 2019

"Start talking with your circle of girlfriends - that’s who you have - and let it grow from there. That’s how you mobilize women." -Chelsea VonChaz, Mobilize Women 2018

"Never do anything to dumb yourself down." -Craig Newmark, Mobilize Women 2017

"Take the fear and use it! It’s a practice to learn how to take it in stride and it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt – we’re human. I get up to fight another day and try to see the good." -Adama Iwu, Mobilize Women 2019

"When women bring our cognitive diversity, when we bring the strengths that we have to businesses, companies don’t just perform a little bit better — they perform a lot better." -Sallie Krawcheck, Mobilize Women 2017

"Superwoman is not real, and neither are these perfect facades we're building." -Shareen Luze, Mobilize Women 2021

"Invest to support women, shop to support women, read to support women." -Amy Cross, Mobilize Women 2017

"Get outside of your comfort zone. That’s where the adventure begins." -Valerie Jarrett, Mobilize Women 2019

"Have faith in the unseen - know that your children will know they are loved, even when they feel hated. Hold that same faith in what we don’t yet see clearly, but what there is whisperings of; have faith in the unseen ways that we will achieve justice." -Malika Saada Saar, Mobilize Women 2018

"Women tend to avoid failure more than men, but you have to take risks in order to succeed. Somewhere along the way we have to be able to face failure. Failure is not going to define you." -Jessica Bennett, Mobilize Women 2017

"We pay people more because they come from a certain background, a certain school that not everyone has access to. As a recruiter, you can challenge the current process and ask, ‘What are the actual requirements for the position?’ instead of ‘Let’s hire on things that don’t matter to this position.’" -Susan Lee, Mobilize Women 2019

"I believe that you can change the world one woman at a time. Let’s talk about the way we talk about ourselves. It’s okay and actually important for women to promote themselves." -Angelica Perez-Litwin, Mobilize Women 2017

"Being the first means nothing if there isn’t a second." -Halima Aden, Mobilize Women 2019

"When someone tells you something cannot be done - it is a reflection of their limitations, not yours. They just haven’t seen somebody do it YET." -Adrianne Haslet, Mobilize Women 2018