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​Leader Survival Kit: When the Path Forward is Not Clear

​Leader Survival Kit: When the Path Forward is Not Clear

A deficiency of clarity or certainty can produce confusion or hesitation, often because people offer numerous interpretations and possibilities. In management, it can come from a lack of information, inconsistent guidance, conflicting goals, and/or a rapidly changing internal or external atmosphere.

At the core, some people are certainly better at handling uncertainty, while others struggle. Identifying these characteristics is key to handling an unexpected pivot or an organized change of plan as this most likely will impact the performance of the individual and the success of the team.

Personality assessments, 360-degree feedback, or simply asking for opinions are always helpful to proactively measure during changes. By bearing in mind the lenience of a group, you can adapt communication and provide it with the sustenance they need to prosper.

Innovative thinkers and early adopters of the technology will see uncertainty as an opportunity to try something new and will advance their cause and problem-solving skills. They most likely will be comfortable overall.

Part of your survival kit at as a leader is to have a supporting structure or set of rules where you can set your plans and expand to the details as needed.

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My recommendation is to ask yourself...

What is the main goal for the team, and why do we have that specific goal?

Is the main goal cohesive with the changes we are implementing?

What is predictable and/or controllable? And what is not?

How can these changes be broken into smaller pieces and actionable items?

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Keep in mind to always...

Have clear and bidirectional communication. All the teams involved/affected need to work together under one defined direction, even when changing direction. Each moving part is a part!

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Diamela Atencio-Ray, MBA is the National Resident Relations Manager for Renu Management.

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