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A Corporate Man’s World Guide to Better Meetings

A Corporate Man’s World Guide to Better Meetings

According to Harvard Business Review in research about female executives, it was shown that female managers are very efficient. They come to meetings on time. They leave as soon as the last agenda item has been completed, rushing off to the next meeting or heading back to their offices to put out fires.

The recommendation is to interact, inform yourself and others of the different topics soon to be decided, form alliances, and create informal bonds to advance conversations that can help clarify the true purpose of a meeting, making it much easier to take an active part in the conversation.

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Another important factor is to use a more conversational approach to any presentation. Storytelling is best received by the male counterparts in the room, leaving the formal presentation as support if needed only.

When on the other side of the presentation, using questions to approach the thought process of the presenter would give the opportunity to create a meaningful exchange and show presence.

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Passion can be perceived as excess of emotion in female executives; keeping a leveled attitude may be more beneficial. The passion we have is often better spent in the actual implementation of day to day activities. There is a need to speak purposely and avoid gesturing frustration through sarcasm or abruptness.

Have conversations, not confrontations; most of the time it is not personal and should not stay past the meeting.

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Diamela Atencio-Ray, MBA is the National Resident Relations Manager for Renu Management.

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