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Energize a Content Marketing Strategy with Strong Brand Connections

Energize a Content Marketing Strategy with Strong Brand Connections

Brands have tremendous opportunities to impact audiences through the magic lens of content marketing. Context-savvy consumers have a sophisticated awareness of brands, so why not make the most of this conversation through content? Driving authentic communication and building a brand story can be the most effective way to stand out in a crowded content marketplace.

Crafting a genuine message that distinguishes a brand from the competition becomes more difficult each year, with a tsunami of information competing for attention. Bill Gates famously wrote the essay “Content is King” in 1996 about the real value behind our technological advancements being the creativity and relevance of the content we produce. With communications platforms available to just about anyone, the sheer volume of content created makes it difficult to stand out as a brand. The shift from pure advertising messages to conversational and transparent campaigns makes the digital marketing landscape a truly unique space to engage with consumers.

Establishing a content marketing strategy is one way to rise above the noise, to communicate with clarity around your brand voice and values. The depth and breadth of messaging is only limited by the channels chosen for marketing plans. Putting a content strategy into place allows businesses the flexibility to explore each channel, to find the best method to establish a brand’s purpose and authority.

Combining Branding with Content

Brand strategy is foundational to content marketing strategy. This relationship is symbiotic, each woven into the other. Brand strategy informs the why and the how of content strategy, each serving the same purpose: brand growth. One of the strongest ways to incorporate your brand is through telling unique brand stories. This carefully curated messaging includes consistent guidelines for every kind of communication across platforms. Brand-generated content marketing not only builds a brand’s reputation, but it also establishes expertise and connection. Your content marketing needs to stand out to foster meaningful conversations with customers.

It’s not enough to create beautiful content. Knowing the target audience establishes both a cadence for communication as well as outlined interests, wants, and needs. Understanding what information the audience seeks also determines what kind of testimonials, case studies, quotes, or backlinks to use. Competing for attention in the digital world means that infographics and case studies need to be visually pleasing and inventive. Find unique ways to show relevant information with how-to-videos or host an online webinar to reinforce brand authority. Use these touchpoints to educate consumers, and to foster personalized, two-way conversations. Direct interactions with an audience build credibility and trust.

Utilizing the Right Channels

The evolving marketing landscape offers a variety of options for publishing, from SEO blogs to videos and social media posts. Creating original pieces for these channels helps brands to stand out, particularly with the rise of automated and AI-generated information. Well-written messaging cements consumer confidence and establishes stronger customer relationships. Funny and engaging pieces written in a conversational tone are effective and intentional ways to interact with a specifically targeted audience. This tone should avoid overt self-promotion, as it undermines the authentic messages with an ulterior motive.

A vital consideration in content strategy is the use of search engine optimization (SEO). If the audience can’t find you, they won’t see you. A content distribution plan may hinge on the successful implementation of SEO techniques. Incorporating SEO strategies alongside preferred social channels results in a powerful combination for distribution.

The Search Engine Journal reflects that “2023 represents a new content battleground for content marketers, with billions of pieces published by brands, individuals, and machines. As a result, ensuring your content is discovered and consumed by its intended audience will be more challenging. Marketers are competing on a new content battleground where quality meets quantity, and organizations need to compete for consumers’ attention in different ways.”

The current expectation for brands to interface with customers through social media and adjacent platforms rewrites how businesses approach content marketing strategy. Transparent and authentic messages that inspire conversation transform how brands communicate. It has never been more important to focus content strategy on meeting the audience where they connect.

Julie Cropp Gareleck is an experienced strategist, author, and founder of Junction Creative Solutions, where she works with global and growth-stage brands on developing the right strategies to grow their business. She has been recognized as an industry experience and leader, featured on NBC affiliate Atlanta & Company, as well as in notable publications such as USA Today. Find Julie empowering business owners and entrepreneurs @JulieCroppGareleck.

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