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3 Ways to Handle an Inappropriate Comment at Work

3 Ways to Handle an Inappropriate Comment at Work

It happens. Sometimes we are so shocked we don't even know how to respond. Our brain just starts to spin as we think 'Did I hear what I just think I heard?' and 'Did that person actually say that? Out loud?'Inappropriate comments at work are common and unfortunate. Everyone's perception of what is appropriate and inappropriate is different. I am not talking about being attacked - professionally - during a meeting (which is also unfortunate). I am talking about crossing the line - saying something personal. Some person, for some reason, feels justified in saying something derogatory, discriminatory or just plain rude. And if this person is in a position of authority, it can be even mo

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Community Discussion
Teri Cotton Santos
Teri Cotton Santos

Great advice, Stacey. I get asked this question all the time and the challenge is to 1) manage your own emotional response and 2)make sure your response reflects your own values and personal brand.

Thursday, Mar 14 10:29 AM EDT