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Is Promoting Your Personal Brand Right for You?

Is Promoting Your Personal Brand Right for You?

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. More than just being known as 'the one who solves the hardest problems with regulators' within your network, personal branding takes it to the next level of making it known that you are 'the one for solving the hardest problems with regulators' to the world.It's fairly obvious how promoting a personal brand makes sense for those of you who have your own business or are independent contractors, but what about those who work for someone else? Isn't there a conflict between a personal brand and the brand of your employer?Certainly, career paths are changing. You can still intend to spend your life at on

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Community Discussion
Jennifer Gilhool

Personal branding is extraordinarily important when you are working in a large corporation. Your personal brand distinguishes you from the "masses." Do you want your name put on the short list, then have a strong personal brand and a sponsor!

September 9, 2013