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The 5 Realities of Entrepreneurship

The 5 Realities of Entrepreneurship

Becoming an entrepreneur can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It means that you get to pursue your dreams, set your own hours and call your own shots. The wealth you build is generally yours and the amount of that wealth is largely controlled by your own hustle and planning.Here are five realities that most entrepreneurs wish they were told when starting their own business.Number 1. Working for Yourself Means That You Still Have a BossSure, you can dream that you get to set your own hours and call your own shots, but in reality, you have a new boss. If you start a consultancy or other services-based business, your clients and workload will set your schedule. Go ahead and set a rule t

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Community Discussion
Sandra Holtzman

Nice post. Another good thing about entrepreneurship is that it pushes your limits with new challenges to find solutions for and thus it keeps you constantly growing.

October 12, 2013

Natalie Stezovsky

Great points. Another rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur is that you get to work on something that you're passionate about. You get to take risks, and sometimes those risks workout and sometimes they don't — and that's the exciting point. I think it's really key that entrepreneurs know when building out their team, there first 5-10 employee's really set the stage of success.

October 3, 2013

Ellen Beard

Very well put. I am going through all of these now as I embark on building Success In Saddles, an equestrian business management consulting business. Thank you for your inspiring words.

September 17, 2013