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A Fundamental Re-Think of the Investment in Your Employees

A Fundamental Re-Think of the Investment in Your Employees

By Sallie Krawcheck If you employ and manage people in a high-performance culture, there is one near-certainty. Some of them will quit or be fired. And there’s another near-certainty. It can be hard to forecast who will quit or be fired well in advance. The traditional way of looking at the “return on investment” on the training and coaching of employees is that it is truncated the moment they walk out of that door. This view can be reflected in company behavior: I’ve seen and heard of companies that have fired executives while they were on vacation, on the day of their son’s high school graduation and the night before their kids go back to school. Companies have had armed guards esc

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Supriya Desai
Supriya Desai

Sallie, I was once fired inhumanely (without warning, no effort made to improve situation, firing leader - Partner in Big 4 - tried to leave after 30 seconds) by a Big 4 firm and then received an invitation from them to join their alumni group. Your comments are spot on and as usual require a mindset shift at! Good advice. Thanks.

Thursday, Mar 6 4:25 PM EST