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5 Leadership Types: Which One Are You?

5 Leadership Types: Which One Are You?

Some people don't see themselves as born leaders, but everyone has the potential to be one. The trick is in finding a leadership style that suits your personality. Though there are as many leadership styles as there are leaders in the world, they generally fall into these 5 types on the spectrum of command and control to laissez-faire. It's important to note that some of these styles work well with different types of teams. Leader 1: The Commander Though the initial image that The Commander invokes may seem rigid and strict, the right individual in this role will produce amazing results. Think Steve Jobs or Marissa Mayer. These leaders have a very clear vision and strong ideas that can

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Community Discussion
Natalie Stezovsky

Great categorization of 'leader styles'. And I think each one of them has a positive. I'm more of an Anti-Leader! We're lucky to have that type of work-space here at our company (Influence & Co.) and it's amazing to see what comes of it. It really inspires your employees to become Intrapreneurs.

October 3, 2013