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The One Key Difference Between Massive Success and A Face Plant

The One Key Difference Between Massive Success and A Face Plant

Following last week’s article on “The 7 Things I Learned When I Got Fired (Again),” I have received a number of questions about what drove the difference between successes and my front-page-of-the-newspaper firings. It wasn’t my work ethic: I’ve worked like a fiend in every job I’ve had (in one year-end review, I was even told to try to hide it a bit). It wasn’t results: my business was the most-ahead-of-budget-I'd-ever-been when Bank of America sent me home. It wasn’t changes in my personality: that was set in stone at about the age of 6, I’m afraid.It was a having a sponsor.This is a topic that Sylvia Hewlett at the Center for Talent Innovation has written about extensively, and for me it r

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Community Discussion
Nylia Lighty

Thank you very much for this post! Sharing your experiences has not only helped me confirm some events in my life but provided great takeaways for my professional future. My sister and I have always said you need a sponsor to accelerate your professional trajectory. I saw the Chicago chapter has started a mentor group for which I was wondering why the NY/Westchester chapters have not? Or have I missed it? I believe starting a similar model such as the mentor group in Chicago would facilitate the process of professional women myself included in developing select mentors into sponsors. Please let me know your thoughts and how I can be of assistance in furthering the concept of sponsorship.

November 5, 2013