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LinkedIn: The 6 Networking Mistakes We Women Make

LinkedIn: The 6 Networking Mistakes We Women Make

By Sallie Krawcheck Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. It is a good part of what begins to separate the pretty successful from the very successful on the second leg of your career…and beyond.Here are the mistakes I’ve seen us women (men too, but mostly women) make:You’re not. Meaning you’re not networking. This is particularly true in your 30s. Life is busy, after all. Maybe you’re with a spouse or partner, you have kids, the job is consuming, you’re trying to keep up with friends. I get it. Believe me, I get it. But their network is one of key reasons the guys are moving past you at work.You approach it half-heartedly because you sort of view n

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Community Discussion
Judy Brosky
Judy Brosky

Sallie, You are spot on with your networking advice. Your system is simple and easy to follow. Networking is a term used loosely, with very few people having or sharing their systems. Thanx for the insight. I promise to write an article or share in a Jam Session a few systematic ways to power connect your networks. And thanx also for reaching out and letting this platform be the Good Ol' Girls Network...altho we've yet to experience the card playing, cigar smoking, and scotch drinking camaraderie through this network...or have I just missed it? Pour me a single malt please. Judy Brosky The Moxie Mentor

Tuesday, Jun 17 4:23 PM EDT

Michelle Hoge
Michelle Hoge

Sallie, Your advice is great about Networking. I always have struggled with Networking. These are great ideas and I love that there is an organization (Ellevate) that helps women to Network with others. Thank you for the advice!

Wednesday, Nov 28 9:45 AM EST