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The One Thing All Successful Presentations Have in Common

The One Thing All Successful Presentations Have in Common

What do the best and most successful presentations having in common?No, it’s not an entertaining and lively speaker — though that helps.No, it’s not beautifully executed slides — though those help.No, it’s not a clearly thought out sequence of critical points — though that helps, too.In fact, many successful presentations can actually be un-entertaining, or filled with boring slides, or a little convoluted in thought.Surprised? Me too.Many leaders ask my advice about how to best present before large groups. My first response is to recommend a colleague who specializes in presentation skills (Jeff Hornstein of The Speaker’s Choice). My second response is to add one small, but powerful bit

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Community Discussion
Judy Brosky

Nora, So succinct and purpose-filled. You were definitely thinking of your audience when you wrote this! You gave me great input in a short article. Thank you, Judy

June 17, 2014

Nicole Eva Fraser, MFA

Nora, I appreciate your focus on mindset here. Special thanks for these suggestions: "meditating on the needs of the audience" and "When you are giving to the people who came to listen or participate, you release yourself to be in the moment. You will remain flexible, nimble and connected." Appreciatively, nicole

June 20, 2014

Alyssa Kubishak

Well said. Thank you for your insight.

May 5, 2017