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My Secrets to Resilience

My Secrets to Resilience

By Sallie KrawcheckIn the early days of your career, success may be driven by how smart or clever you are. But before very long, success is driven by how resilient you are. Given how quickly business moves, you’re going to get knocked down; success is about how many times you get back up.Believe me, I know. I’ve been fired publicly….twice. I led a large team of Financial Advisors during the teeth of the financial crisis. I managed a research department during the run-up and crash of the internet bubble. And now I’m an entrepreneur. It’s all about resilience, and getting back on the bike after you fall down and skin your knee.My secrets?I believe that what I’m doing matters. Running Merrill Ly

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Community Discussion
Nicole Eva Fraser, MFA

Sallie, thank you for the inspiration of your five secrets to resilience -- each one is an empowering reminder I'll keep top of mind. -nicole

June 20, 2014