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5 Conversation Tools for Nurturing Your Relationship With a Mentor

5 Conversation Tools for Nurturing Your Relationship With a Mentor

We’ve all longed for a classic mentor-mentee relationship at some point in our careers. We want someone who is savvy and seasoned. We want her to provide the perfect insights and career advice that will help us reach our goals. We want someone who will guide us to our destination.I’ve been fortunate to have several fantastic mentors during my career at Apple and beyond — and equally as fortunate to have counted Steve Jobs as one of them. These mentors helped me get my MBA, navigate workplace politics, and chart a path to success by bolstering my self-confidence to strike out on my own to forge the unique path I’ve paved for myself. I recommend anyone who’s just beginning her career to seek a

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Elaina Stuard
Elaina Stuard

These are valuable thoughts for anyone seeking a mentoring relationship. So often mentees expect that mentors know what to do, but this is an unfair expectation. This offers a framework for pulling the help you need and solidifying a long-term connection at the same time.

Friday, Oct 3 2:34 PM EDT