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10 Tips to Momtrepreneurship

10 Tips to Momtrepreneurship

Allison O’Kelly was on the hunt for her own flexibility. A Harvard graduate, CPA and mother of young children, O’Kelly is now giving this gift back to professional moms who want to embrace motherhood and work-hood in their desired order.

In 2005, O’Kelly founded Mom Corps, a talent and recruiting agency for experienced professional-women-who-are-also moms and who are looking for more flexible work arrangements.

Less than 10 years later, the bootstrapped and angel-invested company is now dubbed as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Bulldog Businesses and ranked on the Inc. 500 list. Banking on these moms’ expertise, businesses from all fields now staff their companies directly from Mom Corps.

80%-owner of Mom Corps, O’Kelly became an entrepreneur in her own way, achieving long-sought equilibrium with the help of family, a few friends and angel investors. But most importantly, she set her own boundaries. These are her 10 tips to succeeding in her path:

#1 Surround yourself with trustworthy people, who will stick around in tough times, who will push through with honest hard work, and who will then enjoy the better times.

#2 You cannot afford not to make changes, and bootstrapping your company teaches you just that. The more flexible you are, the easier and the faster you can react to any situation the company may be confronted with.

#3 Don’t lose focus on the bigger picture and the mission you’re meant to fulfill. Every company adjustment and expansion needs to have its purpose relate to the company’s bigger picture and its ultimate objective.

#4 Ownership and expansion dilemmas are tough, and everyone will have an opinion about it. Why the rush to change the company early on? Why the rush to hire so many people so fast? Seek advice from different sources, but remember that you are the captain of your own ship.

#5 Let your ship follow your heart.

#6 Keep your family and friends involved in what you pursue. Check in with them and make sure you are not disregarding your relationship with them because of your business.

#7 Let your passion fuel and inspire you. Don’t just make “it” all about work.

#8 If it were easy, everyone would do it. So take some risks. Ultimately you do end up “eating what you kill.”

#9 Don’t forget to check in with reality. Any endeavor will take time and money, potentially even more than expected. Acknowledging this is the first step for your company to face reality.

#10. Ignore the naysayers’ threats. Spread the love and conquer.

O’Kelly did not imagine that from her own search for flexibility as a new mom, she’d be able to help as many women as she does now. The key to her success was in her own story. So she advises you to share yours, have your loved ones share it further, your fans support you, and testimonials attest for what you do. It’s the best way not only to market your idea, but, above all, it gives your business a reality of its own: one that you’ve created and one for you to lead.


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